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Z-Space GN1

Ships coming out of Z-space

"The opposite of true space. Anti-reality. Zero space, the non-dimension where faster-than-light travel is possible."

Zero-space, typically called Z-space, is a dimension of white nothingness where neither time nor space exist. It is a dimension that allows for faster than lightspeed travel, as well as instant communication between parties across light years.

Z-space is also the key component to the morphing process, as it houses the morpher's brain and provides a perfect mental link to the morphed body, allowing the morpher to control their morph as if their mind was within the morphed animal's head. Z-space also serves as a reservoir for mass, housing leftover mass when a morpher morphs into something smaller and providing extra mass when they morph into something bigger.


Although the Andalites discovered Z-space, the Yeerks quickly adapted the technology needed to access it after stealing Andalite ships during The Hork-Bajir Chronicles.

It can be passed through using specific Z-space engines that allow for faster-than-lightspeed travel as well as real-time communication across light years via a Z-Space transponder.

Z-space is important in morphing because it essentially serves as a reservoir for matter used during the morphing process. Excess matter is held in Z-space when someone morphs a creature smaller than their regular body, and extra matter is retrieved from Z-space when someone morphs a creature larger than their regular body and more mass is needed.

Z-space is in a constant state of flux, and therefore a route through Z-space that takes one day to travel through at present moment may later take a month or ten years to travel though. In addition, there is an astronomically small probability that a ship flying through Z-space will collide with the mass of a morph. Generally, the being will be killed due to the mass and speed of the ship. Survival is possible if the being is caught in the wake of the ship; however, Z-space is not conducive to life and a being would die unless rescued.


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