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"You" is the name referring to the narrator of The First Journey and The Next Passage, who are two different individuals.


You from The First Journey[]

You are a student at the same junior high school as the Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie and Marco. However, you don't know any of them well. One night you are mountain biking around a make-shift track in the Abandoned Construction Site, and you see the fighter crash. When you arrive Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie and Marco are all surrounding a blue centaur-like alien. After Prince Elfangor explains to you about the Yeerk invasion and Controllers, he gives the six of you the power to morph. You then witness Elfangor's murder by Visser Three. Later at The Gardens, you acquire some morphs with the Animorphs and assist them in raiding the Yeerk Pool.[1]

After several adventures with your fellow Animorphs, you are all caught in a Sario Rip - an anomaly which displaces you in time and space. In South America, you and the Animorphs battle Visser Three's troops and are eventually returned to your own time.[2]

You have a younger sister named Lexie, whose sixth birthday party takes place the day after you meet Elfangor. 

You from The Next Passage[]

You are similar to David. You just moved to a new state and started attending school with the other Animorphs. On your way home from your first day of school you walk through an abandoned construction site and discover a mysterious blue box. You attempt to auction it online when your home is attacked by telepathic animals and aliens. The Animorphs rescue you, but your parents are captured by the Yeerks. The Animorphs take you to Cassie's barn and explain about the secret Yeerk invasion of Earth and offer you the power to morph. You morph into a horse, but before you know what happened the Ellimist appears and states you don't belong here and he is going to "test" your worth. If you pass he will save you and your family. If you fail, you die. However, the Ellimist does provide you with a few new morphs to help during your mission.[3]

In the first scenario, you, the Animorphs and Erek King are facing the Howlers and saving the Iskoort on a strange planet.[4]

In a different scenario, you and the Animorphs are sent back to the prehistoric Earth and left to survive against dinosaurs and aliens.[5]


You from The First Journey[]

Morph Book Acquired
Ferret The First Journey/The Invasion
German Shepherd (Princie)
Parrot (unusable, Sario Rip morph) The First Journey/The Forgotten
Chameleon (unusable, Sario Rip morph)

You from The Next Passage[]

Morph Book Acquired
Horse The Next Passage / The Discovery
Andalite The Next Passage / The Attack
Komodo Dragon
Cockroach The Next Passage / In the Time of Dinosaurs

Books Narrated By You[]


  • Each Alternamorphs book seems to take place in a different timeline/parallel universe. As such they have no effect on the storyline of the main series.
  • The First Journey narrator becomes an Animorph along with the main characters during the time covered in The Invasion.
  • The Next Passage narrator is cast in a role similar to David, finding the morphing cube in the exact same way he did, being forced into the Animorphs in the same way he was, and joining in the exact same period of the story that he joined. In one of the story's bad endings, the reader's character is trapped as a fly (as opposed to a rat) by Rachel, similar to David's fate in the main story. Unlike David, however, the reader's character does not get to betray or deliberately harm the Animorphs upon being recruited. To drive home the parallels between David and the reader's character, The Next Passage has Rachel delivering an introductory message.
  • You are one of the few morphing-capable humans who can morph with their clothes from the very first morph, and not stand naked. On a meta-level, this ability makes it easier for the reader to project their own gender onto "You"; the capacity to morph one's clothes from the start means that the narration text does not have to specify whether the male Animorphs or the female Animorphs look away when demorphing.
  • Unlike the other Animorphs, you are not disgusted at the idea of morphing insects.

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