Only a few words of the Yeerk language are known, but all stated will be here.


Word/Term Meaning
Andalite bandits What the Yeerks call the Animorphs, because they think they're Andalites who survived the battle in Earth's orbit.[1]
Beast Elfangor The Yeerk name for Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul.
Dapsen A swear word of some kind.[2]
Filshig Another swear word.[3]
Gashad A warrant issued by the Council of Thirteen to kill a criminal on sight.[4]
Kandrona The name of the Yeerk sun, and it's life-giving rays, as well as the device that generates the rays.[5]
Madra A small, bright moon orbiting the Yeerk homeworld.
Veleek Pet. A creature the Yeerks found on Saturn and Visser Three named Veleek.[6]


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