"The Yeerk home world is a simpler place than this planet. Simple and elegant. No more than a hundred animal species. What do you have on Earth? A million species? More? What does a planet need with a million species?"
Temrash 114 to Jake[src]

The Yeerk Homeworld is the homeworld of the Yeerks and the Gedds. It revolves around a sun that emits the Kandrona rays which keep the Yeerks alive. The planet is also orbited by a number of moons; only Madra is named. Natural pools are present on the surface, which absorb the Kandrona rays and in which the Yeerks live. The planet has a green sky streaked by constant electrical storms.

Early in the Andalite-Yeerk War, the planet was occupied by Andalite warships in orbit.


Environment and Weather[]

The Yeerk Homeworld is muddy brown planet with little flora and wildlife. The planet is constantly being hit by Kandrona Rays coming from its single sun. The sky is a dark green, which has constant lighting storms.

Major Yeerk Pools[]

Places of Interest[]

Sentient Races[]

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