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The Secret Illustration

Cassie in wolf morph

"One of Cassie's best fighting morphs is a wolf. The wolf has good speed. Great ripping abilities with the teeth. Terrific endurance. They can run all night."
Rachel to Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan[src]

The wolf is a large canine native to Earth and was Cassie's preferred battle morph, as well as a morph possessed by her, Jake, Rachel and Marco. Upon their arrival on Earth in ancient times, the Chee grafted the essence of the Pemalites into wolves, creating dogs in the process.

Unwilling to acquire her own unique battle morph, Cassie relied on the wolf during most combat situations, preferring to rely on its agility and the fact that she was not as dangerous as her teammates in morph.


"We had first acquired the wolf morphs a while back, when we were on a mission to destroy a Yeerk truck ship."

In 1997,[1] two wolves, a male and a female, were treated at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. In The Encounter, the Animorphs, minus Tobias, acquired these wolves as they needed a morph fast enough to run through the mountains to get to the Yeerk Truck ship. Jake acquired the male wolf while Rachel, Marco and Cassie acquired the female, as they believed that wolf packs could only have one male.[2]

Three years later, in 2000, a group of morph-capable Controllers acquired wolf morphs to use as their battle morphs.[3]


Mm3 inner 2 final

Cassie using the wolf as her battle morph

"Cassie? We may need you in some more dangerous morph. What have you got?"
"Perfect. But no howling."
Jake and Cassie[src]

After Tobias discovered a Yeerk Truck ship in the mountains, Jake, Rachel, Cassie and Marco used wolf morphs in order to traverse through the mountains within two hours, as wolves are endurance runners. As Jake was male and served as their leader, he was the only Animorph to possess a male wolf morph while the other Animorphs possessed a female wolf morph, due to the fact that the Animorphs believed in the alpha male wolf pack theory.[2]

During her first close combat Yeerk battle, Cassie used the wolf morph as she lacked her own unique battle morph and it was her most powerful available morph at the time.[4] Shortly after, she adopted the wolf as her official battle morph[5][6] and continued to do so even after acquiring much more powerful animals. This was because Cassie liked that the wolf wasn't supremely powerful, as it allowed her to not be able to hurt her enemies significantly during combat, preferring to give them non-lethal wounds whenever possible,[7] although she was still capable of delivering the occasional kill, such as using the wolf's jaws to rip out the throats of Hork-Bajir hosts.[8] However, due to the wolf being not that powerful, Cassie only used the wolf morph when fighting alongside her teammates, as she intentionally relied on the other Animorphs to do the bulk of the damage.[7] As a result, when she found herself in situations where she had to fight alone or was forced to seriously harm her enemies, she would elect to use a much stronger morph, such as the polar bear.[9][7]

Despite the fact that Jake, Marco and Rachel also possessed the wolf morph, they did not use it very often, especially Rachel. Jake and Marco morphed wolves to track Rachel and flee from the Veleek,[10] and Jake later used the morph along with Cassie to rip off the flesh of Jara Hamee and Ket Halpak in order to trick the Yeerks that Jara and Ket had been killed.[11] The four Animorphs also used wolf morphs to survive for 24 hours in the North Pole, as they had no other adequate morphs,[12] and used it again in order to evade the pursuit of the Yeerks, who were tracking the morphing signature emitting from the Escafil Device.[13]

The wolf morph was also used by a handful of morph-capable Yeerks. While controlling Jake's body, Temrash 114 morphed a wolf to escape his confines, although he was prevented by the other Animorphs.[5] A number of Yeerks, through their morph-capable human host bodies, morphed wolves to fight the Animorphs and the National Guard, although the latter simply kill them all using assault rifles.[3] The wolf was also briefly morphed by Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan when she temporarily possessed and controlled Cassie's body..[14]


Known Morphers


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