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"Cassie's barn is also called the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. She and her father use it to rescue wild animals who are injured or sick. There are always dozens of animals in cages: skunks, foxes, raccoons, birds of all types."

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic is a veterinary rehabilitation clinic in California run by Walter out of the barn on his farm. For the majority of the Animorphs' involvement in the war, they used the barn as their primary meeting place.


"It's a regular old-fashioned barn, but with rows of clean cages and fluorescent lights. There are partitions keeping the birds away from the horses, and more partitions keeping the raccoons and opossums and the occasional coyote away from the skittish horses. The floor of the barn is usually strewn with hoses and buckets and scattered hay. There are charts on each cage showing the condition of the animal and what treatment it's getting."

The clinic is a large, red barn with dark roofing and white trim.[2] The barn is partitioned to keep certain patients, such as birds, away from raccoons and coyotes[3] and wolves, which is then kept separate via another partition from the stalls containing the family's own horses. The clinic also includes an operating room and a handful of small recovery rooms as well. The floor of the clinic is made of cement.[4] A computer is used to keep records of the patients, but it does not have internet.[5]


"I had arranged with everyone to hook up at Cassie's farm. It isn't exactly a normal farm, although it had been in the old days. And they do still have horses and a cow. But now the big red main barn is the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. Cassie's father runs it. They take in any kind of injured animal except pet-type animals, There are always lots of birds, along with squirrels and deer and skunks and so on. Sometimes they get a bobcat or a fox or even a wolf."
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In the olden days, the main red barn of the farm was used for traditional farm purposes. However, by the 1990s, it was turned into the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, a center to take in any non-pet injured animals.[2] In 1997,[6] the clinic was in full service, with Walter running it first time while Cassie helped around as part of her chores. The day after the Animorphs received their power, Tobias acquired a red-tailed hawk that was at the clinic. Later that night, Cassie and Jake searched the barn looking for a wild green anole lizard that Jake wished to acquire.[2]

A few weeks later, on a Sunday, the Animorphs convened at the clinic, where Tobias notified them that he had seen an invisible Yeerk ship coming to and from the mountains. At this time, there were two wolves at the clinic, a male who had been shot and a female who had been poisoned. In order to traverse the national forest into the mountains without using their bird-of-prey morphs, the human Animorphs acquired the wolves, with Jake acquiring the male while Rachel, Cassie and Marco acquired the female wolf.[3]

Not too long after, the Clinic had several of its bird patients eaten in the middle of the night by a fox. Wanting to see what animal was eating the birds and how they were entering the barn, Cassie went to the barn at midnight and acquired and morphed Magilla, a squirrel patient. However, she was overwhelmed by the squirrel instincts while Tobias flew into the barn, who nearly ate Cassie. The fox then entered through a loose panel, which caused all of the animals to start making loud noises. The fox then began chasing Cassie, although Tobias slashed at it, prompting it to run away. Having heard the animal noises, Walter made his way to the barn, with Cassie barely being able to demorph in time. On Sunday, the Animorphs went to the barn as they needed seagull morphs as the clinic had many seagulls as patients. A few days later, Cassie returned to the barn at midnight, although this time she morphed seagull and left through the open rafters.[4]


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  • In some of the earlier books, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic is referred to as the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.



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