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"I don't understand all of this, Jake. I don't really know what happened to your parents. But until they come back... or... well, I want you to consider yourself part of our family."
―Walter to Jake[src]

Walter is Cassie's father and a veterinarian who runs the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic.


Career and Family Life[]

Walter is a veterinarian[1] who married a fellow veterinarian named Michelle[2] and lived with her on their farm[1] in California.[3] In 1984,[4] Michelle gave birth to their daughter, Cassie. By the 1990s, Michelle was working as the head veterinarian at the local amusement park-zoo known as The Gardens, while Walter converted the barn of their farm into the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, a center to treat injured non-pet animals, and operated the business as his primary occupation.[1] Around this time, he met a boy named Jake, a friend of Cassie's from school whom Cassie had a crush on.[5] In 1996,[6] Jake came over to their house for Thanksgiving,[7] and Walter grew fond of Jake.[5]

In 1997,[8] Walter was asleep at home around midnight when he awoke to the sounds of the animals in the barn hollering. Grabbing a flashlight, he walked to the barn and found Cassie there, who claimed that she couldn't sleep and thus came to the barn. Walter told Cassie to return to bed before noticing that his daughter had a tail behind her. Confused, he asked her to turn around, and when she did, he no longer saw a tail. Walter then believed that he was seeing things due to a lack of adequate rest and returned to the house to go back to sleep.[7]

Andalite-Yeerk War[]

"As long as Visser One is in charge, no negotiation is possible. He wants total control of Earth and everyone on it. If another visser comes into power, that might change. Maybe. But right now, we've got to deal with this reality."
"There are other vissers? Would it be possible to tell Visser One we'll negotiate, but not with him?"
"I don't mean to sound condescending, Walter. But you have no idea who we're dealing with. If we approach Visser One for any reason, he'll kill us. Period. If we're lucky. If he stops to think, he'll probably torture us first. Just in case we've been holding back any useful information."
Jake, Walter and Eva[src]

After the Yeerks discovered that Animorphs were in fact humans and not Andalite bandits, the Animorphs had to evacuate their families. Walter and Michelle were the first to be told about the war and to be relocated to the Hork-Bajir valley.[9] He and Michelle were both extremely interested in studying the Ax's and the Hork-Bajirs' physiology.

When the Animorphs decided to begin recruiting disabled children, Cassie disclosed the news to her father. Walter was appalled that they were using such children for war, but apparently did not tell anyone, as nobody else confronted Jake about the issue.[10]


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  • In the TV series, Walter is named John.
    • He is also referred to as "John" in earlier promotional materials such as Cassie's ID card and the Animorphs Alliance secret handbook.
  • He is first referred to by name as "Walter" in The Diversion.



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