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The Deception
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"Yeerk, if you comply with our demand we will let you live. If you do not, you will die right here. Contact the American submarine under Yeerk control. Order it to abort its mission. Tell your commander the plan has been canceled."
"And reveal to the mighty Andalites which U.S. submarine is under Yeerk control? Hardly. No, my esteemed foe, I don’t fear death. You may kill me now, if it pleases you. The plan will unfold whether I live or die. What I fear is failure."
Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill and Visser Two[src]

Visser Two is a high-ranking Yeerk who was fanatically loyal to Esplin 9466.


Operation 9466 and World War IIIEdit

"In slightly less than two hours, no matter what actually happens between now and then, our people in government will receive detailed reports of a vicious Chinese attack on the George Washington carrier battle group and order a particular nuclear submarine, manned exclusively by Taxxons, to launch what is by Yeerk standards a quite primitive — however effective — nuclear fusion device against certain Chinese cities. The Chinese will respond in kind. War will escalate and spread and, before long, the human population will be severely reduced in number and depleted of weapons. A perfect time for the glorious Visser One to conquer planet Earth!"
―Visser Two to the Animorphs[src]

A loyal supporter of Visser One, Visser Two was brought to Earth and given Admiral Carrington, a high ranking naval officer, as his host. With Carrington's connections and power was poised to begin a conflict between the United States and China that would result in World War III. As an admiral, he planned to fake an attack on the USS George Washington and then send a report to D.C. blaming China for the attack, and finally retaliate in order to begin a war. A war between the U.S. and China would greatly weaken the defenses of the human race against the Yeerk empire.[1]

The Animorphs learned of Visser Two's plan (code named Operation 9466) and took action to stop it. The Animorphs infiltrated the military base, but were separated. Ax was successful in capturing Visser Two in a hijacked F-14D Tomcat with a single nuclear weapon. Ax threatened to bomb the location of the Yeerk pool, killing thousands of Yeerks, if Visser Two did not call off the attack. Furious, Visser Two finally conceded, and his plan is ended.[1]

Visser Two's fate after this event or the end of the Andalite-Yeerk War remains unknown.



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