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Vegemorphs is a book series that appeared in the show Arthur, in the episode "D.W. Tale Spins. It is believed to be stories about kids that can turn into vegetables. Arthur and Buster say that it "makes the Scare-Your-Pants-Off books look like kid's books". They do not have any pictures.


Known Books[]

  • The General
  • The Specific
  • The Random
  • The Trilogy Part 1
  • The Trilogy Part 1- Part 2
  • The Trilogy Part 1- Part 3


Buster:The best book in the series is 'The General.'

Arthur:I like 'The Specific' better. And what about 'The Random'? It was so unpredictable!

D.W.: What are you talking about?

Arthur: Nothing that would interest you. We're talking about books.

D.W.: I like books!


Arthur: The Vegemorphs books make the 'Scare-Your-Pants-Off' books look like kids' stuff!

Buster: I just read the trilogy. Part 1, then Part 1 Part 2, then Part 1 Part 3.

Arthur: You can't read it D.W. No pictures!

~~D.W. flips through one of the books~~

Arthur to Buster: Do you realize, I found out something I can do that D.W. can't force me to include her in on? This is probably the greatest moment of my life!

D.W.: I don't want to read those dumb books anyway!

Arthur: Don't want to? You can't read!

D.W.: I don't need to read. I can make up better stories than those.

Vegemorphs book arthur


  • There is an actual Vegemorphs book, Vegemorphs: The Fungus Among Us, written by Leif E. Green.
  • Arthur mentions the 'Scare-Your-Pants-Off' books, which are an obvious parody of Goosebumps.