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Re: School Market EditionEdit

I had used the term 'Scholastic Editions' because that was on the back of book 14, and I wasn't sure what else to call them. Calling them school market editions does make sense though. I had just wanted to make a page for them because I kept coming across them and they look different from the regular editions. I don't entirely know the purpose of them, but I suppose I could look that up. As for the Australian books, they are apparently very slightly different from the American books (mainly they have the web site on the back). 

Yes, I recently got promoted, because I asked to be, mainly so that I can delete images (and some pages too) - either that I accidentally uploaded, or are older lower-res images, or aren't as descriptively named as I'd prefer. Thanks! Neutraljedi (talk) 00:49, October 12, 2016 (UTC)

Re: Admin RequestEdit

I just promoted you. Neutraljedi (talk) 06:47, February 4, 2018 (UTC)

Re: Publication DateEdit

For publication date I would definitely use the date on the copyright page of each book, not the date it was planned to be published in the previous book (sometimes the preview ads can be slightly inaccurate in other ways too). The date on the copyright page should be the most accurate publication date for any book, in general. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Neutraljedi (talkcontribs) .

Re: Cover ImagesEdit

I know I don't have to rename the files, but it is helpful to me to rename at least cover photos in a way that is accurate and precise, for my own bookkeeping reasons. It helps me keep track of what I have and haven't uploaded to the wiki. Also, including the distinct term "ebook" in the image name makes the image more easily searchable by that term in the wiki. This is useful to me so I know what's been uploaded. I don't expect anyone else to care if it isn't useful to them. Wikia's search is sort of terrible as far as search multiple words, so I like images to have words that are distinct search-wise.

We don't have to have both images. There are a few covers where the distinction is relevant, but not most, probably.

The files that the ebooks replaced were not technically original front covers, either. They were the relatively low-res stock images available on scholastic's web site in the 90s, and many of the stock images did not appear exactly as the finished book did (obviously they were close, but not exactly).

As for ebook vs e-book, amazon kindle uses ebook, itunes uses ebook, adobe uses ebook, but wikipedia uses e-book. *shrug* ebook seems more common nowadays, similar to how email used to be e-mail but no one uses that anymore. Neutraljedi (talk) 21:27, March 7, 2018 (UTC)

I noticed that a bunch of my other images which are more than 4 MB or so, all the sudden don't show up so it looks like it's some kind of wikia bug because I know these images worked before. So, wikia might fix whatever's wrong and they will work again, but I'll try to reupload anyway because I shouldn't have uploaded the images in that high a file size in the first place. It might take me a bit of time to get to it.

Neutraljedi (talk)

The thing is that most of the time, past 2.5 MB or so a very high file size doesn't really correlate with a useful increase in resolution and quality, in my opinion. Most of the high file size images I uploaded were scanned in 600 dpi which is unnecessary - 300 dpi is a good standard, and I've found the best results scanned in 600 dpi in a photo scanner then resampling back to 300 dpi, so that you don't have the jpg artifacts you get with 300 but you don't have the higher size that could take longer to load etc. Also, uploading in png rather than jpg creates a higher file size that isn't strictly necessary (obviously png is usually lossless compared to jpg so that's why, but if the jpg is high res enough and not copied excessively, I think jpg is an perfectly fine storage format). For something like a book cover 1-2 MB for a jpg is all that I believe is needed. Neutraljedi (talk) 18:44, April 13, 2018 (UTC)

I can resize the images but I'm somewhat busy at the moment and might not get to it for a few days. There are probably at least a dozen images or so affected, so I'll get to it when I can. Neutraljedi (talk) 01:53, April 14, 2018 (UTC)

Anibase Edit

Hello. I’ve updated the Anibase link as the original page was taken offline by Scholastic. I’ve tested the download link on the page I linked to and it does download the old file so I think we’re good on that. Adam245 (talk) 22:24, October 14, 2018 (UTC)

Separate PagesEdit

Personally, I do not like excessively long pages if the content can reasonably be transferred to a new page. I also have separate pages for the UK books, Japanese, and Italian books, because I have a lot of images associated with each language. Most of the sections for other languages in the International Publications page are not very long, because there weren't many books published, or I don't have images for a lot of the covers. In the case of the Vietnamese books, not only do I have cover images for most of the books, I also have translations of the titles and cover images for the new releases. It absolutely makes sense to have a separate page for the Vietnamese books and it makes the 'International Publications' page more readable - and the main point of that page is to show relatively quickly how many books were published in each language and what the covers look like, so they can be compared. Neutraljedi (talk) 04:44, August 31, 2019 (UTC)

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