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Hey, I'm Xaq. When I was 12 my mom picked me up Animorphs #2 - the Visitor at a yard sale. (by that time book 18 was the most recent book). I read the book, immediately become hooked, and ravenously devoured the rest of the books out by that time. I followed the series all the way through to book 54.

Unfortunately I never got to see the TV series. I saw the first few episodes when it came out but didn't really stick with it, I regret to say. Well, one day when I was bored in my dorm room, I decided to check out an episode. And -- I didn't intend this -- I really couldn't stop watching episodes all day. Homework took a back seat. Now I'm almost done with the TV series and, for the second time, find myself really sad that there's no new Animorphs coming.

But, hopefully the 2011 re-releases of the original books will be popular and spur some new stories, in one form or another.

My "top 5" Animorph storiesEdit



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