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Three-Legged Rock Beast

Esplin 9466 morphed as the rock beast

"All around me pillars of rock-hard, scaled flesh, each as big around as a tree trunk, ripped into the concrete. The concrete was lifted off me. Torn away, like it was paper. I was exposed. Trapped. And standing over me, with the shattered concrete floor in its mighty hand, was a beast that seemed to be made of living rock."

This unnamed three-legged rock beast was a giant creature made of rocks that was acquired by Esplin 9466 through Alloran-Semitur-Corrass' body.


"Nothing in the world could stop the beast Visser Three had morphed into. He was twenty feet tall. As tall as a telephone pole. He stood on three massive legs, each as big around as a redwood tree. He had a tiny head, not much bigger than a human head. He would have looked funny, except that there was nothing funny about what he was doing. With two long, mighty arms he was casually tearing up the concrete. He slammed his fingers into the cement. He ripped it up in slabs and tossed them over his shoulder."

Following his acquisition of Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, Esplin 9466 traveled the galaxy acquiring a myriad of dangerous morphs.[1] During one of these trips, he acquired an unnamed three-legged rock beast through Alloran's body.[2] In 1997,[3] Esplin was at the abandoned construction site[2] of a city in California on Earth where the Yeerk Empire was basing their stealth planetary invasion from.[4] He had arrived there to retrieve Rachel, who had been captured in cat morph by Iniss 226. However, Rachel then escaped while Jake showed up in Siberian tiger morph and attacked the Visser, wounding his Andalite host body.

Esplin then elected to morph into the three-legged rock beast. Noticing that the cat morpher had jumped into a hole under a building, Esplin followed them and used the rock beast's monstrous strength to rip up the building. He then dug his giant fingers in the cement and concrete to create slabs, which he threw around the site. He chased Rachel and was about to kill her when Tobias grabbed her and flew away with her. Enraged that Jake had escaped as well, Esplin rampaged across the construction site in the rock beast morph, crushing Taxxons under his giant feet while tossing Hork-Bajir-Controllers into the air.[2]




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