"Be careful, Andalite friend. They are savage, violent beings. Crazy! Wild! Oh, yes! This female is a vicious beast! Better to kill her! Or even better, let us cage her again. Yes, yes, that would be best. As soon as you mistakenly fired on us, she sprang up and grabbed my weapon. Wild and dangerous, oh, yes!"
Skrit Na Captain to Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul[src]

The Unnamed Skrit Na Captain was Skrit Na Captain and a fully developed Na of a Skrit Na Raider ship. He and his crew abducted Loren and Chapman, along with some Earth junk. He and another Skrit Na Raider ship met near the rings of Saturn. He ordered his ship to escape into Z-space, and when being tailed by Andalite Fighters he ordered the crew to fight back. After his Skrit Na Raider fought back with defensive laser cannons, the ship lost its engines to some energy shredder blast from an Andalite Fighter piloted by Elfangor and gunned by Arbon. During the attack, Loren grabbed a handheld Dracon Beam and held the captain and crew hostage. Elfangor and Arbon boarded the ship to investigate what was going on. The captain attempted to win the trust of Elfangor, but Elfangor knew he was lying and so he freed the Loren and Chapman from the Skrit Na Captain's Skrit Na Raider and left.


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