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Visser Three licensee illustration eight headed creature
"Eight massive legs. Eight long, spindly arms, each ending in a three-fingered claw. And from the place where the top set of arms grew came the heads. Heads. Plural. Eight of them. This creature had a thing for the number eight."

This unnamed being has eight legs, eight arms ending in three-fingered claws, eight heads, and is capable of spitting fire from its heads. It was acquired by Esplin 9466 through Alloran-Semitur-Corrass' body.


Morphed by Esplin 9466

Jake vs

Esplin 9466 using the morph to fight Jake

"Visser One. In a morph I hadn't seen since all of this first began. Eight fire-breathing heads. Legs thick as trees. Serpentine necks. Eyes like gobs of molten lava."

Esplin 9466, the Yeerk known as Visser Three who possessed the Andalite host body Alloran-Semitur-Corrass,[1] traveled across the galaxy to acquire a variety of powerful morphs. One of these acquisitions was the unnamed creature with eight heads and legs, which he found on the fourth moon of the second planet of a dying star.[2] In 1997,[3] Esplin 9466 noticed a group of animals at the California Yeerk pool complex who had attacked the Hork-Bajir, Taxxon and human-Controllers before freeing all of the hosts. Realizing they were morphs, he declared the Animorphs to be Andalites, since only Andalites possessed the morphing ability. In order to stop them, Esplin morphed into the unnamed creature with eight heads and legs, informing the Animorphs where he acquired the morph before asking them if they liked it.

He then began shooting fireballs out of the eight heads, and as the Animorphs ran, Esplin crowed that he liked a challenge. He then struck one of the fleeing human hosts and gleefully called out that it was target practice. The Visser used the morph to burn and incinerate many of the freed hosts and followed the Animorphs as they tried to flee through one of the pool's many staircases. However, due to how large the creature was, Esplin was unable to catch up to them. He then used one of the heads to create a wall of flame in front of the Animorphs to trap them. Tom, one of the freed hosts, then rushed towards Esplin, who used one of this tentacles to knock Tom off the stairs. Jake, who was in a Siberian tiger morph, then lunged at Esplin and crawled behind one of the eight heads and bit down hard. As the Visser screamed in pain, Jake leaped off and rejoined his friends in passing through the wall of fire to successfully escape from the cavern.[2]

Three years later in 2000,[4] Esplin, now promoted to the rank of Visser One, discovered the Hork-Bajir Valley where the Free Hork-Bajir Colony resided. Esplin then morphed into the unnamed creature once more, marking the first time he reused a morph against the Animorphs. He then used his heads to create a fire in the woods, although the Animorphs, who had created a dam, flooded the valley.[5]



  • This is the only morph Esplin 9466 repeated throughout the entire series.
  • The creature's skin color is never mentioned in the books. While promotional material and official illustrations that released during the books' original printings depicted the creature as being green, the graphic novel depicts it as red.


Elfangor eye closeup andalite chron "Someone took a picture of me? Not cool. Do you see what I'm wearing? I'm Spandex-boy. Totally not cool."

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