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"It was huge. But the word huge doesn't really begin to describe it. Have you ever seen a picture of an oil tanker? Or maybe an aircraft carrier? That's what I mean by huge. Compared to this thing, the biggest jumbo jet ever built was a toy. It was shaped like a manta ray. There was a bulging, fat portion in the middle, with swooped, curvy wings, one either side. On top of the wings were huge scoops, like air intakes on a fighter jet, but much bigger. [...] But mostly that ship was just big. Really big. As in, it blocked out the sun, it was so big."

This Yeerk transport ship, informally referred to as the Truck ship by the Animorphs, is a massive manta-ray shaped craft designed to suck water and oxygen from a planet and transport it to the Pool ship. One of these Truck ships was deployed to a city in California and was destroyed due to the Animorphs' actions.


"Those big scoops on the sides? I think those are for air. That's why they fly so far through the atmosphere when they come down. They're scooping up oxygen. And now they are sucking up water."
"It's a truck! That whole huge ship is really just a truck!"
"Yeah. It carries air and water up to the Yeerk mother ship in orbit. I guess they need Earth to supply them."
Marco, Cassie and Tobias[src]

In 1995,[1] the Yeerk Empire began a secret invasion of Earth[2] out of a city in California.[3] By 1997,[4] the Yeerk Empire used a cloaked Truck ship to acquire oxygen and water from this city and transport it to their Pool ship in orbit. Less than a month after gaining their morphing powers, Tobias discovered the invisible Truck ship flying above their city, and watched as it drove through a flock of geese, crippling and killing them. He also remarked that the Truck ship was coming and going from the mountains.

Truck Ship GN3

The Truck ship above the lake

The Animorphs then decided to infiltrate the Truck ship and uncloak it in order to render it visible, believing that if they uncloaked it publicly, the Yeerk Empire would not be able to cover it up and thus it would expose the invasion to everyone on Earth and result in the authorities taking over the war effort. In order to accomplish this, Jake, Rachel, Cassie and Marco traveled to the lake in the mountains where the Truck ship was draining water. They morphed into trout and intentionally traveled up the water intake pipes to end up in the ship's water tank, intending to then demorph and infiltrate the ship. However, they discovered that there was no way out of the water tank and realized they were trapped. Not wanting to risk being captured alive, Rachel asked Tobias to destroy the Truck ship if he could so that it would kill them in the process.

Tobias then stole a Dracon beam from a Taxxon and fired it at the Truck ship's bridge, destroying the controls. This caused the Truck ship to careen and collide with both a helicopter and a Bug fighter, causing a huge gash in the ship where the water tank was, allowing the other Animorphs to escape. The Truck ship then crashed onto the ground below, creating a concussive shockwave. Unable to recloak the ship or bring it back to orbit, the Yeerk Empire was forced to destroy the disabled Truck ship in order to hide the evidence.[5]


  • The name "Truck ship" is not an official term given by the Yeerk Empire, but a term the Animorphs gave it after Cassie referred to the ship as a truck.


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  1. In VISSER, Edriss 562 launches the invasion of Earth and fakes the death of her host, Eva. In #1, Eva is said to have died/disappeared two years prior. As #1 takes place in 1997, this places Eva's disappearance, and the beginning of the invasion of Earth, in 1995.
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  4. This transpires in #3: The Encounter, which is set less than a month after #1: The Invasion. The Andalite Chronicles is said to take place 10 years after the 1966 Yeerk exodus of The Hork-Bajir Chronicles and 21 years before Elfangor met the Animorphs. This places it in 1976, meaning the Animorphs met Elfangor in 1997.
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