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Trout GN4

Animorphs in trout morph

"I was a fish, less than a foot long. A trout, to be exact. Excellent broiled, fried, or grilled."

The trout is a carnivorous freshwater fish native to Earth that was acquired by Cassie, Rachel, Jake and Marco.


"Cassie reached down into the water and took hold of the squirmy gray thing. She concentrated. Her eyes closed halfway. She was acquiring it. The fish DNA was being absorbed into Cassie's body. [...] Rachel took the fish in her hand. The fish went limp, as usual, while the acquiring was happening."

In The Encounter, set in 1997,[1] Cassie fished a trout from a mountain lake which she, Rachel, Jake and Marco acquired.[2]


Trout Morphs

Jake, Cassie and Marco in trout morph

"Head to the water. Morph to fish."
"Jake. Trout... they're freshwater fish... this is saltwater."
"You have a better idea?"
Jake and Cassie[src]

In order to disable the cloaking device on the Yeerk Truck ship that was siphoning water from a lake in the mountains, the Animorphs decide to morph into a fish and get themselves sucked into the ship's water tank, where they then planned to demorph and remorph into battle morphs in order to hijack the ship. Cassie, Jake, Marco and Rachel then acquired a trout and morphed into it while in a cave, leaving Tobias to pick them up and fly them to the lake one by one. The four, while in trout morph, then traveled up the Truck ship's suction pipe, although they found themselves trapped in the water tank, after which they demorphed.[2]

Not too long after, the Animorphs were at the beach when they were being shot at by Controllers. In order to hide and survive, Jake ordered them to morph into trout, despite Cassie's reminder that their ocean was saltwater while the trout was a freshwater fish. Nonetheless, Jake, Rachel, Cassie and Marco ran into the shallow end of the ocean and morphed into trout, successfully hiding from the Yeerks. However, the saltwater of the ocean caused them to feel a burning sensation in their gills. The four then swam to another part of the beach in order to escape, where they were able to demorph safely.[3]


Known Morphers[]


Elfangor eye closeup andalite chron "Someone took a picture of me? Not cool. Do you see what I'm wearing? I'm Spandex-boy. Totally not cool."

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