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For Tom's first Yeerk, see Temrash 114

"We'll be sitting ducks if Tom turns the Blade ship on us, and we all know that's his plan."
"It's not Tom! It's not Tom, don't call him that. It's the Yeerk in his head. It's the Yeerk, not my brother!"
Marco and Jake[src]

Tom's Yeerk was the Yeerk controlling Jake's older brother Tom for the majority of the series. Although unimportant at first, Tom's second Yeerk slowly rose in importance, but was never promoted to the rank of Sub-Visser, much to his distaste.


Infesting Tom[]

"No, your brother's body has been given to a new Yeerk. Someone with a lower rank."
Temrash 114 to Jake[src]

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Rising Through the Ranks[]

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Murderous Attempts[]

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Animorphs Exposed[]

"My host's own brother! Do you have any idea what you've done to me? All that time we were searching for you. Looking for Andalites. And it was you! Right there in my own house. Right down the hall. I could have killed you a million times! Visser One almost starved me to death for my stupidity."
―Tom's Yeerk to Jake[src]

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Obtaining the Morphing Cube[]

"My people want it, too: the morphing power."
"You said you're already morph-capable."
"I am. And not just this body, by the way, but me. I've subjected my own true Yeerk self to the cube. You want to know what's funny? I can morph Tom. That's right, I can morph into my own host body. Cool, huh?"
―Tom's Yeerk and Jake[src]

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Partnership with the Animorphs[]

"The keys to the kingdom, kid. I can give you the access codes for every system on the Pool ship. [...] And by the way, your old friend Visser One has temporarily transferred his headquarters to the Pool ship. The Pool ship and Visser One — that's game, set, and match. They'll carve your sanctimonious face up on Mount Rushmore, Jake-Boy. You'll be the savior of the human race."
―Tom's Yeerk to Jake[src]

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"Tom was dead. And I wondered how I was ever going to explain it. I had ordered my cousin to execute my brother. How would I ever explain that? All these years I'd fought to keep us all alive, to stop the Yeerks, always with the hope that someday I would save my brother, that he would come back, that he'd be Tom again. That was why I'd enlisted in the war to begin with. I was going to save Tom. Tom was dead. The Yeerk in his head was dead. And Rachel."

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"Honor and courage aren't what matters, not in the real world. What matters is whether you win. After you win then you start talking about honor and courage. When you're in battle you do whatever you have to do. Honor and courage and all that? Those are the words you say after you've destroyed all your enemies and anyone else who gets in the way."
―Tom's Yeerk to Jake[src]

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"Hey, I'm morph-capable now, you know. If I wanted trouble I'd use this really cool jaguar morph I have."
―Tom's Yeerk to the Animorphs[src]
Morph Book Acquired/used
Jaguar (through Tom's body) The Answer
Human (Tom Berenson) The Answer
Cobra (through Tom's body) The Beginning


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  1. Killed by Rachel while he was in cobra morph