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Tobias acquiring his past self.

"It's funny, you know, because when Jake or one of the others becomes human, that's demorphing. But for me, the human is just another animal shape I can take on. Human DNA flows in my veins. My own human DNA, thanks to some neat work by the vastly powerful creature called the Ellimist. [...] And by twisting time itself, he brought me face-to-face with my old self and let me acquire my "own" DNA. I could be my old human self. I could be that human boy for two hours and keep my morphing powers. Or I could remain more than two hours, be my old self forever, and forever lose my morphing ability."

Tobias's Human Morph is Tobias's most used morph in the series, made possible when the Ellimist sent Tobias back in time so that he could acquire his past self.


"The human Tobias held out his arm. I flapped my wings and landed on him. I was as gentle as I could be with my talons. I didn't need to dig them in. Simple contact was enough. Tobias's eyes began to flutter. He became dazed and passive. The way all animals do when they are acquired. I closed my eyes and focused on him. On the human DNA that was being absorbed into my hawk's body."

In The Change, the Ellimist sends Tobias back in time, to the night before he walked through the abandoned construction site. Tobias speaks to his human self and acquires him, granting him the ability to become human for two hours at a time. The Ellimist then transports Tobias back to the present.


"My old self. My human self. For two hours at a time I can morph Tobias the kid. Be human, at least physically. Then I must return to hawk or I'll lose my morphing capability altogether."

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