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"It was an awesome thing to contemplate. It would not make an Andalite or a human the equal of the Ellimist in power, but it represented far more destructive power than the combined fleets of the Andalite people and the Yeerk empire. I wondered how it had come to Earth. And I wondered how my brother, Elfangor, had known it was on Earth. Because surely he had known. Visser Four was right: Elfangor had chosen the spot deliberately. It was no coincidence that he had landed, had died, within a few feet of this machine."

The Time Matrix is a spherical device created by the Ellimist, which allows the user(s) to travel through time and space as well as the ability to alter reality. Should the user(s) request something entirely detached from reality, it has the power to send the user(s) to a new universe specifically created for them.


Buried in Egypt[]

"It had been hidden on the planet called Earth. It had been buried deep in the ground in a desolate looking area of blowing sand. And a huge stone pyramid had been raised over it. Hidden for fifty thousand years. Hidden on an insignificant planet at the far end of the galaxy."

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Found by the Skrit Na[]

"It was perfectly spherical. A simple white sphere. It looked harmless, even dull. And yet it was the most dangerous, deadly weapon any race had ever created."

The Time Matrix was buried underneath one of Earth's pyramids, where it was eventually found by the Skrit Na. The Skrit Na, not realizing what they had, sold it to the Yeerks. However, the Andalite ship Jahar found out about it and went to claim it. They had nearly escaped Yeerk territory with it, when a series of events forced Elfangor, Loren and Visser Thirty-two to use it to escape the Jahar after it was damaged. However, their shared attempts to use it resulted in a new world being created that combined Earth with the Andalite and Yeerk homeworlds, along with various flaws (Such as Elfangor's home scoop being empty, Loren's mother knowing about Andalites, and an employee at a McDonald's Loren regularly visited possessing a red, distorted eyeless face due to Loren only ever focusing on his terrible acne whenever they met), before Visser Thirty-Two was forced to leave through a dimensional distortion that apparently returned him to the Jahar.[1]

Buried in California[]

"The Time Matrix was a sphere, taller than a human. Destroying it was physically impossible. But it could be hidden. For a while, at least. He found an empty place. Nothing but trees. Using only the equipment available to any human, he dug a hole and rolled the device into it. [...] Many years later, he returned to the same spot. Desperate enough to try to use the Time Matrix. The spot had become a construction site. This time, there would be no escape. His time ran out. Just a few yards from the machine that could have given him all the time in the world."

Elfangor and Loren used the Time Matrix to travel to Earth, where Elfangor buried the Time Matrix in a patch of woods. Around seventeen years later, Elfangor returned to the spot where the Matrix was hidden, only to discover that the patch of woods had become an abandoned construction site. Weakened and unable to retrieve the Matrix, Elfangor was killed by Visser Three.[1][2]

Found by John Berryman[]

"The Time Matrix. [...] It was found by a lowly human-Controller, who uses the name John Berryman. He's an actor. Not a very successful one. A lowly Controller whose Yeerk was, until he lost the battle for Leera, none other than Visser Four. [...] The Yeerk, the former Visser Four, has used the Time Matrix. He has traveled backward in time and is changing historical events. He's rewritten the past in an effort to bring about a Yeerk victory and give himself greater power."
―The Drode to the Animorphs[src]

The Time Matrix was later found by John Berryman, who was eventually infested by the former Visser Four, who tried to use it to mess with human history in an attempt to make Earth easier to dominate. His actions were essentially successful, starting with him altering the outcome of the Battle of Delaware and going on to make other changes, culminating in humanity having slavery by the twentieth century. However, it violated the rules of the game played by the Ellimist and Crayak, prompting Crayak to allow the Animorphs to go after him through time, restoring their original memories and 'buffering' their personalities so that they would be immune to changes in history. Cassie was able to then fix the timeline by travelling back to 1967, preventing Visser Four's host from being born by distracting his mother when she was due to enter a store and meet his father, thus negating his existence and preventing the Time Matrix from being found.[2]


"The Time Matrix could travel backward through time the way a Z-space craft could travel through space. It gave the person who controlled it power beyond imagining. A person traveling backward could rewrite history. Using the Time Matrix, entire species could be exterminated. More than exterminated: They could be made never to have existed."

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