"We can understand you now."
"I understand you."
"Yes, that's because thought-speak works with universal symbols as well as with specific words."
Aldrea, Dak Hamee and Aldrea's mother[src]

Thought-speak is the way Andalites communicate since they have no mouths. It is a language that almost all species can understand. It is not quite telepathy, as beings using thought-speak communicate through universal mind symbols rather than actual thoughts; however, it is like telepathy in that there is no sound being transmitted or received. There are two different types of thought-speak: open and closed. Open thought-speak is where you broadcast what you're thinking to everyone, while closed thought-speak is where you communicate to one person or a selected few.

In The Suspicion, Cassie recognizes Ax's thought-speak voice, "which meant he was probably in his normal body." This suggests that you may sound different in different morphs and everyone's thought-speak voice is as distinguishable or more from a sound producing voice. Many other aliens communicate by thought-speak. The Animorphs can also communicate in thought-speak, but only in a morph as shown in a few books where Ax has talked to the others via thought speak, although he was human at the time. There are also limits on thought-speak, such as distance. (Unless using a Mirrorwave call.) For example, in The Visitor, while Tobias was on the roof of Chapman's house, Rachel did not hear his Thought-speak in the basement. In The Underground, Rachel couldn't Thought-speak past an estimated 150 feet underground as a mole. In The Other, Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad states that he can use thought speak with his since-childhood friend as long as they are on the same planet, though the exact words are unclear the "sound" helps him know Mertil-Iscar-Elmand is living. 

Use of thought-speechEdit

"Ax has no mouth. No one had asked him yet how he ate with no mouth. He communicates by thought-speech. It's the same way we communicate when we're morphed. For us humans it only works when we're morphed. For Andalites, it's the normal way to communicate."

Thought-speak is used by those in morph, contemporary Andalites, Leerans, Iskoort, Mercora, the Helmacron, Garatrons (who have an extremely fast thought-speak), the Ellimist (as an Andalite), and the Crayak.

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