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The Visitor graphic novel, published in October 2021, was adapted by Chris Grine and based on The Visitor.


Rachel is still reeling from the news that Earth is secretly under attack by parasitic aliens, the Yeerks. Now she and her friends are the planet's only defense -- five kids who, purely by chance, stumbled onto a downed spacecraft and were given the power to morph into any animals they touch.

The team's best lead is their assistant principal, Mr. Chapman, who is the human host to a high-ranking Yeerk official. It’s not much, but Rachel's always been a daredevil, and she volunteers to infiltrate Chapman's home.

Rachel is tough. She's fearless. But what she finds inside may be more than even she can handle.


Rachel steals Chester's rifle

Rachel steals Chester's gun

The Animorphs are all out together flying in the bird-of-prey morphs that they have acquired; Jake is a peregrine falcon, Rachel is a bald eagle, and Cassie and Marco are both ospreys. While flying, they are shot at by two guys in the woods with a gun. They fly out of range of the shooters and enter into a steep dive towards the trees, banking and zooming through them until they come up to a clearing where the two guys are. Rachel snatches the gun from Chester while Tobias rips off his ponytail; the group retreats, and Rachel disposes of the gun in the ocean.

They return to an abandoned church and demorph in the tower. They climb down a fallen tree and discuss how it was to be birds, before Marco suggests they use the morphing to become famous in movies, which the others debate. While walking home, they decide that they need to make their next move against the Yeerks. Jake tells them the entrance at their school is now gone; Rachel suggests finding an entrance by following Tom, but Jake refuses, believing if the Yeerks think Tom is compromised, they may kill him. He proposes instead using Chapman, their assistant principal, who is a Controller. Jake asks Rachel to try to get to him through his daughter Melissa, who is an old friend of hers, which Rachel reluctantly agrees to.

Rachel morphs into elephant GN2

Rachel morphs into an elephant to scare off Chester

At gymnastics class, Rachel asks Melissa if she would like to hang out, although Melissa refuses. While walking home after class, Rachel passes by the two guys who shot at them earlier, and Chester harasses her and grabs her arm. When she walks away from him, he becomes angry that a girl rejected him and chases after her. She taunts him into an alley, where she morphs partway to elephant in the darkness and scares him off. Demorphing, she walks out of the alley and encounters Melissa and her father, who insist on giving her a ride home. When driving her home, they question her about the man who ran out, but she brushes it off. That night, she invites Jake, Cassie and Marco over, and they discuss how to follow Chapman. Since Melissa is distant, they propose morphing small animals to spy instead. Rachel remembers Melissa's pet cat Fluffer McKitty, and the Animorphs decide that Rachel will morph Fluffer in order to infiltrate the Chapman Residence to find out more information.

Shrew Nightmare

Rachel's nightmare

On another day, the entire group gathers outside the Chapman house. Tobias finds Fluffer, but he manages to escape up a tree. Tobias brings Rachel a shrew to acquire and morph in order to lure Fluffer down so she can then acquire him. Once in shrew morph, she panics when the cat attacks her, but the others eventually catch Fluffer. Rachel demorphs and acquires Fluffer, but is feeling unwell, and they decide to go inside Chapman's house at another time. Returning home, Rachel has a nightmare about her as a shrew eating maggots. She wakes up screaming and throws up, and assures her sister Jordan that she is fine. The next day, at school, Jake notices Rachel looking tired. They notice Melissa walk by, and Rachel attempts to talk to her again, though Melissa still acts cold toward her.

Two nights later, the group returns to Chapman's house, where Rachel morphs into Fluffer and enters the house through a cat door. She finds Ms. Chapman silently cutting vegetables while Mr. Chapman is sitting in the living room, staring at a blank television. When his watch starts beeping, he walks down to the basement, and Rachel follows him, falling out of thought-speak range with Tobias as she does. In a secret room, she discovers him communicating directly with Visser Three through holographic technology, and he addresses himself as Iniss 226. The Visser demands that he find the "Andalite bandits" and spots Rachel. After finding out from Chapman what a cat is, he is briefly impressed by the cat's lack of fear, and orders Iniss to kill her because she might be an Andalite in morph. Rachel doesn't react, and Iniss reasons with Visser Three to spare the cat, as killing Fluffer would upset Melissa and may damage his reputation. Visser Three then implies that Melissa is a problem that needs to be dealt with, and when Iniss protests, the Visser morphs into a Vanarx and threatens to suck him out of Chapman's ear and eat him, showing him a hologram of this happening to another Yeerk before ending the call.

Melissa Chapman GN2

Rachel finds out that Melissa is depressed because her parents don't love her anymore

Upstairs, Ms. Chapman is revealed to also be a Controller, and Ms. Chapman's Yeerk asks Iniss what the Visser's orders were. He tells her what happened, and expresses contempt for Visser Three. Melissa walks in and asks for help with her homework, but both her parents refuse, sending her back up to her room. Rachel follows, and finds her crying on her bed. Trying to comfort her, she finds out Melissa has pulled away from her friends because she believes her parents — both of whom have been infested — don't love her anymore. Tobias urges her to leave, but she stays until Melissa falls asleep before escaping. Outside, she demorphs and tells the others that Chapman has a way to communicate with Visser Three and that is not giving up the fight.

The next day, Jake tells Rachel that they will meet at the church tower after school. At the tower, during stormy weather, they plan their next move, with Marco reiterating that he cannot die, as his father would stop living if that happened. Rachel convinces them to let her infiltrate Chapman's house again, using the excuse that they can need to find oout the location of the Kandrona. Jake is reluctant to let her go in alone, and she jokes that he may go in as a flea on her back. He then agrees to let her spy on Chapman one more time.

Iniss Chapman GN2

Iniss 226 restrains Rachel

Later, the group, minus Jake, goes to Chapman's house again. When Rachel morphs Fluffer, Cassie pats her head before she enters. Tobias reveals to her that he knows she is doing this to help Melissa, but she ignores his protests and enters the house. She again follows "Chapman" to the secret room, where Jake reveals himself, through thought-speak, to be hiding on her back in a flea morph. Iniss then begins the call, and tells the Visser about his progress gaining more hosts, but the Visser is only concerned with the "Andalite bandits". Rachel reveals her presence when Iniss accidentally hits her with her foot, and the two Controllers now fully believe her to be a morphed Andalite bandit. Visser Three orders Iniss to bring Rachel to him, as well as to bring Melissa so that she can be infested. Rachel tries to fight, impressing Visser Three again, but Iniss eventually subdues her and exacts her compliance with a Dracon beam.


Ms. Chapman chokes herself

Rachel (and Jake, still a flea) are placed in a cat carrier, but as Iniss is about to leave, Chapman and his wife rebel against their Yeerks, causing their Yeerks to momentarily lose control of the host bodies, although they eventually regain control. Realizing that all Chapman has to do is attack while in the presence of others to make him look unstable, Iniss opts not to take Melissa, planning to explain the circumstances to Visser Three. As he is about to leave, Melissa comes downstairs and asks why he is taking her cat away. Iniss walks out without responding, and Rachel quickly yells for Tobias to bring the real Fluffer back. He does, confusing Melissa. Iniss then tells her that the cat in the cage is a stray that he is taking to the shelter. She asks why he didn't tell her that while she was chasing him and crying, and he claims he didn't hear her. He gets in his car and drives off.

Blade Ship Bug fighters GN2

Iniss 226 watches as the Blade ship and two Bug fighters arrive at the construction site

Iniss takes Rachel and Jake to the abandoned construction site. Along the way, Rachel tells Jake what is happening, and that they are running out of morphing time. When she realizes where they are, she demands that leave and save himself, scratching herself until he agrees to jump. Rachel then watches as the [[Blade shi[]] and two Bug fighters land, with Visser Three and a squadron of Hork-Bajir-Controllers and Taxxons emerge. Visser Three, upon seeing Rachel, notes the cat's similarity to the tiger, and after taunting her, asks where Melissa is. Iniss explains what happened asks to allow his host to address the Visser directly, which Visser Three allows. Chapman reminds Visser Three that after his wife was infested, he willingly became a Controller on the condition that the Yeerks spare Melissa, and if they were to violate that deal, he would fight Iniss and expose their cover. Iniss then reasserts control, who tells Visser Three that both Chapman and his wife's rebellions could threaten their secret invasion. Since Chapman is in a position of some influence, Visser Three agrees to honor the deal and dismisses Iniss, leaving Rachel with the Yeerks.

As she is taken into the Blade ship, Jake reveals that he didn't abandon her. With them both having less than twenty minutes left in morph, one of the earthmovers starts up and slowly heads toward the Blade ship. Jake reveals the other Animorphs followed Chapman and are here to help them. Hearing that it will take two minutes to lift off, Visser Three kills the Taxxon who informed him, and allows the others, minus two pilots, to eat it, before telling the Hork-Bajir-Controllers to destroy the earthmover. While the Yeerks are distracted, Jake jumps out and demorphs back into human, and then morphs into the tiger and lunges at Visser Three.

Rock Beast GN2

Visser Three morphs into a rock beast

Rachel demorphs her hand partway to gain human fingers, which she uses to unlocks her cage. Rachel then morphs her hand back into a paw and flees, pursued by some of the Hork-Bajir-Controllers, one of whom Jake attacks. As another Hork-Bajir-Controllers targets her, Rachel hides underneath a half-finished building. Jake warns her that Visser Three is morphing, and she hears giant steps as the building she was hiding under is lifted up. Visser Three, having morphed into a three-legged rock beast, begins tearing up the construction site, attempting to kill Rachel. During his rampage, he accidentally kills one of his Hork-Bajir while Jake flees from the site. Visser Three sweeps his huge hand toward Rachel as she jumps, but she is caught by Tobias, who carries her away to the nearby trees; as she falls, she morphs back to human, and is told that the others have also safely escaped.

A few days later, at the church tower, Rachel explains to the others that she left an anonymous note to Melissa, telling her that her father loves her more than she will ever know and more than he could show. They reflect on their survival, and decide to keep fighting until the Andalites return.




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Major/Highlighted Events[]


Morpher Morphs acquired Morphs used
Jake Peregrine Falcon, Flea Peregrine Falcon, Flea, Tiger
Rachel Bald Eagle, Shrew, Tomcat (Fluffer McKitty) Bald Eagle, African Elephant (partially), Shrew, Tomcat (Fluffer McKitty)
Cassie Osprey Osprey
Marco Osprey Osprey
Visser Three -- Vanarx, Unnamed Three-Legged Rock Beast

Notable Differences from Original Novel[]

  • Much like the graphic novel adaptation for the first book, many lines of dialogue are now said by different characters compared to the original novel.
  • In the book, Chester and his friend are teens who drink beer while shooting at the Animorphs in bird morph. Rachel then steals Chester's rifle while Marco steals the beer his friend was drinking. In the graphic novel, the two are teens who are drinking soda. The graphic novel also shows Chester's ponytail being ripped off, while in the book, his head was clawed by Tobias.
  • Jake's comment in the original novel about feeling handicapped when demorphing from bird to human is removed in the graphic novel.
  • The original book had an older man attempt to kidnap and sexually assault the thirteen year old Rachel, who then chased her when she refused to get in his car. When Rachel morphs to scare him off and recounts this story to the other Animorphs, Jake and Marco berate her for exposing her abilities, while Cassie tells her she shouldn't have put herself in such a dangerous situation by walking home alone when it wad dark. The graphic novel instead changes it so that Chester is the one harassing Rachel while also eliminating the attempt at kidnapping and sexual assault; additionally, Rachel is no longer victim blamed, with Cassie even stating that it wasn't Rachel's fault that she was harassed and is grateful that Rachel kept herself safe. According to Chris Grine, he made the change as he had a twelve year old daughter and found the sexual predator idea unsavory.[1]
  • Jake and Marco's morphing outfits do not include shirts, whereas they did in the book series (though Marco puts a shirt on almost immediately after demorphing).
  • In the book, Rachel states that Melissa Chapman received Fluffer McKitty as a present for her twelfth birthday, claiming it was a few years ago, which was a continuity error. In the graphic novel, Rachel doesn't specify Melissa's age.
  • In the book, after Rachel acquires Fluffer, Cassie mentions that she has four morphs: an elephant, a bald eagle, a shrew and a cat, claiming that it was the most out of any of them. This is incorrect, because by this time, Jake also has four morphs: a dog, a lizard, a tiger and a peregrine falcon. The graphic novel fixes this by having Cassie say that Rachel has four morphs "just like Jake."
  • Rachel's sister Jordan is depicted as having blond hair. In the original novel, Rachel states that she is the only one of her mother's children to have blond hair as her sisters have their mother's dark (brown) hair. Naomi is correctly drawn with brown hair in the graphic novel but Jordan has blond hair.


Animorphs Letter

The "A" logo from the TV series is featured on Rachel's letter

  • The art style for the characters has slightly changed compared to the first graphic novel, which is especially visible with how Jake and Marco's faces are now drawn.
  • Rachel reveals that she's only a few weeks younger than Jake. This is also the first time in the graphic novels that it is revealed that Jake and Rachel are cousins, as the familial connection was omitted in the first book's graphic novel adaptation.
  • Rachel signs her note to Melissa with the "A" from the TV series' logo.
  • When Rachel runs away from Chester into an alley, she runs past a sign which says "Applegrant Bookshop", a reference to K.A. Applegate and Michael Grant, the co-creators and co-writers of the series.
  • For the first nine books of the series, Marco has long, shoulder-length hair. In the graphic novel for the first book, Marco has short hair; in this one, he has slightly longer hair, and tells Cassie that he is growing it out.


  • When Tobias tells Rachel to let the eagle mind do the flying, he refers to her eagle morph as being female. The line is the same as the original novel, although later books did specify Rachel's eagle morph was male.
  • On page 9, Chester's friend (the one with the red shirt that says "GOOD" on it) says "I got real scared and spilled my soda all over my good shirt." His shirt has a visible liquid stain on it, partially covering the word. On page 10, this stain is missing.
  • The last panel on page 114 shows Rachel fully demorphed, but the first panel on the next page shows her with cat ears.


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