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"The Yeerks have a front organization they call The Sharing. It's supposed to be like some kind of Boy Scouts or something, except that they take girls as well as boys, and adults as well as kids. Supposedly, it's this big family thing. You know: cookouts and rafting trips and everyone just one big, happy family. Except that the reality is The Sharing is run by the Yeerks. They use it to learn about human society. They use it to disguise their meetings. And they use it to recruit new members."

The Sharing is ostensibly a Boy Scouts-type organization for all ages and genders, created by Edriss 562, using her host Lore David Altman and eventually run by Hedrick Chapman. Using propaganda techniques, the organization creates an environment that encourages thinking selflessly in an attempt to nurture voluntary hosts. After observing the development of a human member, they allow them a chance to be a "full member" which promises a life-changing experience. They give the human a speech about giving up a part of yourself to help others, and then infest them hoping they will accept it.

History[edit | edit source]

A Novel Concept[edit | edit source]

"Humans are riddled with exploitable weaknesses. Humans, at least some humans, will believe anything: They will surrender their free will to addictive chemical compounds, to strong-willed leaders, to their own greed for power.... It was from this insight that I realized the concept of The Sharing. How many thousands of humans have in fact come to us voluntarily? Submitted to us for empty promises of happiness or wealth or status?"
Edriss 562[src]

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Creating The Sharing[edit | edit source]

"We moved to a more typical American community, a midsized city on one of the oceans. There I used my superior computer skills to steal millions of dollars from bank accounts. I formed fake companies and raised millions more from the sale of stock. And, once I had the seed money, several hundred million, I began to create The Sharing. It would cater to one of the most fundamental human weaknesses: the need to belong. The fear of loneliness. The hunger to be special. The craving for an exaggerated importance. I would make a haven for the weak, the inadequate, the fearful. I would wrap it up in all the bright packaging that humans love so much. The Sharing would never be about weak people being led to submit to a stronger will, no, no, it would be about family, virtue, righteousness, brotherhood and sisterhood. I would offer people an identity. A place to go. I would give them a new vision of themselves as part of something larger, erasing their individuality."
Edriss 562[src]

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