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The Release Episode

The Release

The Release is an episode of the TV show. This episode is the last appearance  of Visser One and Nikki Berenson. (named Jean Berenson in the books.) This episode takes a small portion of the plot from The Alien.

  • Directors: Robert K. Sprogis

  • Writer: Marc Scott Zicree & Carl Ellsworth
  • Aired: Feb. 21, 1999


Official Summary[]

With too many Controllers and not enough Kandrona rays, Yeerks are dying and losing control of their hosts, including Tom, whom Jake and Marco try to rescue. Among the Controllers regaining their freedom include Jake's science teacher, Mr. Perkins, who has begun a crusade to free other Controllers.  

The Release Episode 2

A screenshot of Tom from the release


The Animorphs discover that theYeerks don't have enough Kandrona Rays , so a lot of Controllers are getting sick, like Tom. One of the Controllers is science teacher, Mr. Perkins, who is now on a crusade to free other Controllers. Marco, Jake and Mr. Perkins are all on a hunt to save Tom, but he escapes. Tom comes back and tries to capture Mr. Perkins, but Jake as a tiger, and Marco as a wolf come to his rescue. Later, Jake and Mr. Perkins talk about how they will help each other in the future.  

Morphs Used[]

Morphable Character Morph
Jake Dog, White Tiger
Rachel None
Marco Wolf
Cassie None
Tobias Red-tailed Hawk (nothlit)
Ax Human ("Max")

VHS Releases[]

Australia Releases[]

  • Volume 6 ("Tobias", "Not My Problem" and "The Release")
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