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"How often do Andalites come to Earth? We can't ignore the fact that Gafinilan and Mertil are holed up in suburbia. Our suburbia. We don't mean them any harm, but we're going to find out as much as we can."
Jake to the other Animorphs[src]

The Other, published in March 2000 and written by Gina Cascone based on an outline by K.A. Applegate and Michael Grant, is the fortieth book in the Animorphs series. It is the eleventh book narrated by Marco and his eighth book as sole narrator.


Official Description

Ax and the Animorphs have always believed Ax was the only non-infested Andalite on Earth. That he alone survived the terrible battle between his people and the Yeerks.

Until now.

There were other survivors. Other Andalites. And they're here on Earth. Trying to keep a low profile. Trying to find a way to defeat Visser Three. Trying – like Ax and the Animorphs – to stay alive until help finally comes.

If help finally comes...

Plot Summary

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Supporting Characters:


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Major/Highlighted Events

  • Marco sees footage of an Andalite on television and discovers that it is neither Ax nor Visser Three, thereby realizing that there are other Andalites in their hometown.
  • The Animorphs meet Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad, a survivor of the same battle that caused Elfangor and Ax to crash land to Earth. Gafinilan's partner Mertil also survived the same battle, although he lost his tail in the process, becoming a vecol (an Andalite term used for disabled individuals), and whose body cannot undergo the morphing process.
    • Ax is revealed to be ableist, as Andalites have normalized social prejudice against those with disabilities. Ax's contempt for individuals with physical handicaps in revisited in The Ultimate.
  • Gafinilan is shown to be suffering from Soola's Disease, a genetic illness that he cannot heal via morphing, and thus will soon die very shortly. The Animorphs initially theorize that Gafinilan wishes to acquire an adult Andalite to escape his disease, although Gafinilan (and Andalite society) find the act of becoming a nothlit intentionally to be morally despicable.
  • The Animorphs and Gafinilan team up to rescue Mertil, who has been captured by the Yeerks.
  • Marco informs Mertil to keep in touch with them once Gafinilan dies, citing that he does not deserve to be alone and that the Animorphs need allies.


Morpher Morphs acquired Morphs used
Jake -- Peregrine Falcon, Siberian Tiger
Rachel Honeybee Bald Eagle, Honeybee, Grizzly Bear, African Elephant
Tobias Honeybee Human (himself), Honeybee
Cassie Honeybee Honeybee, Wolf, Osprey
Marco Honeybee Osprey, Great Horned Owl, Wolf, Honeybee, Silverback Gorilla (Big Jim)
Ax Honeybee Northern Harrier, Human (Main), Honeybee
Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad -- Opossum, Human (Henry McClellan), Owl


  • The cover quote is, "This is your brain. This is your brain with a Yeerk. Any questions?"
  • The inside cover quote is, "Busy as a bee...."
  • This is the third appearance of the Marco-Ax-Tobias sub-team, following The Escape and The Reunion.
  • This book was ghostwritten by Gina Cascone, although she is erroneously credited as "Gina Gascone."[1]
  • Regarding the plot of this book, K.A. Applegate said: "This was my belated attempt to deal with the issue of disabilities.... I wanted to show a less savory side of Andalite culture, show that maybe they had some problems, too."
  • While slight undertones were hinted in the book on Gafinilan and Mertil's relationship, in an open letter titled Diversity, series co-author Michael Grant stated they were in fact in a romantic relationship.
  • Marco mentions that the last time he saw his mother was in a Taxxon tunnel near the Yeerk pool, referencing the events of VISSER.


  • Marco refers to Elfangor as a War-Prince; Elfangor's rank was that of Prince.
  • Tobias tells Ax that the Andalite is neither Estrid nor Arbat; however, Arbat is dead, and it is Gonrod who is with Estrid.
  • Tobias is able to tell that Mertil is a vecol, despite the fact that his raptor vision would not be able to notice details on a grainy television still any more than human or Andalite eyes can.
  • After Tobias considered making Mertil their ally, Ax replies that he is hoping Marco is being humorous, despite the fact Marco did not make the statement.
  • Arbat's full name is misspelled as Arbat-Elevat-Estoni.
  • Ax refers to Gafinilan as Commander on p27, but then refers to him as "War-Prince" on p54.
  • Jake reminds the other Animorphs how Gonrod nearly had a heart attack when he discovered there were morph-capable humans. However, it was Estrid who was shocked, while Gonrod revealed he was already aware as he had been briefed prior to his mission.
  • On p56, Ax's line begins with a quotation mark and ends with a '>' while in Andalite form.
  • Also on p56, Gafinilan refers to his Andalite fighter as a "plane."
  • Marco mentions that it is extremely risky for Jake to show up at Gafinilan's house in human form since there is the possibility that the Yeerks could be watching the house, although Jake possesses an adult male human morph he had acquired in The Threat that he could use to hide his identity.
  • Gafinilan asks Jake if "Jake" is short for another Andalite name the way "Ax" is for "Aximili" despite having not yet heard Ax referred to by his shortened name.


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