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Marco and Eva in The Leader

A photo of Marco and Eva in The Leader

The Leader is a two-part episode of the TV show. It is an adaptation of the book The Predator and elements of The Andalite's Gift and The Stranger.

  • Aired: Feb. 7, 1999
  • Writers: Jessica Scott & Mike Wollaeger
  • Director: Shawn Levy

Part 1[]

Official Summary[]

The Animorphs discover a second Kandrona and set out to destroy it, but Jake and Marco are caught with the Yeerk's new morph-detecting devices and sent into space aboard the Yeerk mother ship. On the ship Jake and Marco uncover some shocking secrets.


Jake finds out Visser One will be at the EGS Tower, where the Yeerk Kandrona ray generator is located. When Jake and Marco are captured while spying on the Yeerks and brought on board their spaceship, their escape is hindered when they discover Visser One's Controller is Marco's missing mother.

Morphs Used[]

Morphable Character Morph
Jake Horse (off-screen), Tiger (off-screen), Golden Retriever (Homer), Skink, Cockroach
Rachel None
Cassie None
Marco Skink, Cockroach
Ax None

Part 2[]

Rachel and Cassie in The Leader PT2

Rachel and Cassie in The Leader Pt 2

Official Summary[]

Back on earth, Cassie and Rachel destroy the Kandrona. Marco and Jake make a daring escape from the mother ship with the help of Ax and the other Animorphs. Marco has a new reason to fight the Yeerks.


Now that Marco has found his mother again, he is reluctant to leave the Yeerk ship without her. Cassie and Rachel destroy the Kandrona ray generator whileAx must devise a way to bring Jake andMarco back to Earth. Meanwhile, their actions have revealed the existence of a new enemy.

Morphs used[]

Morphable Character Morph
Jake Skink
Rachel None
Cassie Mouse (Off Screen)
Marco Skink
Ax Human (Max)

VHS Releases[]

US Releases[]

  • Part 3: The Enemy Among Us ("The Stranger", "The Leader" parts 1 and 2)

Australia Releases[]

  • Volume 5 ("The Forgotten", "The Leader" parts 1 and 2)

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