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"Perfect. We have fifteen minutes to wander slowly toward The Gap."
Rachel to Cassie[src]

Gap, also known as The Gap, is an American clothing retail store. A location of The Gap at the Animorphs' local mall secretly housed an entrance to the underground Yeerk Pool.


Yeerk Pool Entrance[]

"Well, I was hoping to amaze and entertain you all with the whole story of our brilliant detective work, but the short answer is — in a dressing room at The Gap. In the mall. That's the entrance. People go in, looking like they're going to try on clothes, and they never come out."
"At least, they don't come out through The Gap. They come out through the movie theater. When the crowd leaves the movie at the end of the show, there are always more people leaving than went in."
"In through The Gap, out through the multiplex. Are these Yeerks on top of popular American culture, or what?"
Marco and Tobias[src]

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Rachel's Shopping[]

"My first stop, The Gap. There was only one way we were gonna be able to get Erek out of the mall, and that was the way he'd come in. Through the door, as a human. I put my credit cards through some serious exercise and went rushing back to Spencer's."

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