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The Front is the final episode of the TV show to be aired in Canada, but is in fact the fourth last episode. It is partially inspired by an aspect of The Decision's plot.

Official Summary[]

Ax lands a job at a new electronics store. The store owner pushes Ax to sell, sell, sell for their huge cell-phone promotion. When Tom buys two--one for himself and another for his latest crush, Melissa Chapman, Jake and Marco get a little suspicious. What’s with this sudden cell-phone craze? They follow Tom to investigate the situation... and are horrified to discover what Ax is really selling.


Ax has gotten a job at an electronics store in the mall. Meanwhile, Tom is taking Melissa Chapman out on dates, hoping to infest her with a Yeerk. Jake and Marco pursue to investigate. They soon find out that Ax's boss is a Controller who is working with Visser Three to create a shipment of cell phones loaded with Yeerks, to infest large numbers of people at once. Tom, meanwhile, gets Melissa a cell phone as a present. But Rachel follows her and disposes of the Yeerk inside. Meanwhile, Ax and Erek King figure out a way to foil the Yeerks' plan.

Morphs Used[]

Morphable Character Morph
Jake Hawk (mentioned only), Bat
Rachel None
Marco Hawk (mentioned only), Bat
Cassie None
Tobias Human
Ax Human
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