The Forgotten is an episode of the TV show. Although it shares the same name as the book The Forgotten, that is the only similarity. Instead, it is more based on Megamorphs #1: The Andalite's Gift.


Rachel's amnesia causes her to forget everything she knows, including everything about being an Animorph, and the battle against the Yeerks. She unknowingly wanders into a human-Controller infested area and is about to be taken by the Yeerks. Marco, Jake, and Cassie have to not only save her, but restore her memory.

Morphs usedEdit

Morphable Character Morph
Jake Golden Retriever (Homer), White Tiger
Rachel Red-tailed hawk, Lion
Marco Wolf
Cassie None
Tobias Red-tailed Hawk (Nothlit)

VHS ReleasesEdit

Australia ReleasesEdit

  • Volume 5 ("The Forgotten", "The Leader" parts 1 and 2)

TV Episodes
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