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"The Five."
"The five what?"
"No one knows. They just called themselves The Five."
Ax and Cassie[src]

The Five are a sentient species who kidnapped and harvested the Venber, rendering them extinct. In turn, The Five were wiped out by an early generation of Andalites.


"Anyway, The Five discovered the Venber and began to trap and export them. [...] They basically harvested the Venber. It seems that a Venber melts, burns, in any case becomes liquid at temperatures above freezing. And the resulting liquid has many uses. Particularly in the creation of superconductors for the primitive computers of that era. [...] The Five extinguished them. They annihilated a sentient species to speed their computers. The Venber disappeared. [...] But if it is any comfort, The Five are no longer in existence, either. Soon after we encountered them for the first time they... well, no one knows for certain what happened to The Five. But Andalites in that era are not the Andalites of today."
Ax to the Animorphs[src]

The Five was the race who originally discovered Venbea and its natives, the Venber. They began to trap and export them, harvesting the Venber. Venber melt at temperatures above freezing, and The Five used the resulting liquid as superconductors for their computers, rendering the Venber extinct. An early generation of space-faring Andalites happened upon The Five and their genocidal massacre, which led to the Andalites eliminating The Five.[1]


  • It is not clear whether The Five had any relation to The One.