The Escape

The Escape is an episode of the TV show, an adaptation of the book The Underground.


Official Summary[]

The Animorphs have discovered a secret weapon to use against the Yeerks - maple-flavored oatmeal! The Yeerks crave it, and when they eat it, they are unable to control their hosts! But to use the oatmeal weapon successfully, the Animorphs will have to return to their darkest nightmare...the Yeerk Pool!

A water balloon exploding on Visser 3's head


The Animorphs discover that a certain type of oatmeal is a stimulant to the Yeerks, and they are unable to control their hosts' actions. The usage of this "drug" also affects the hosts, but the Animorphs know they must use this advantage to inflict some serious damage upon the Yeerk pool.

Morphs Used[]

Morphable Character Morph
Jake Cockroach, Ferret
Rachel Cockroach, Ferret, Lion
Marco Cockroach, Ferret
Cassie Cockroach, Ferret
Tobias Red-tailed Hawk (nothlit)
Ax Human ("Max"), Ferret

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Animorphs Season 1 Episode 7 The Escape

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VHS Releases[]

Australia Releases[]

  • Volume 1.3 ("The Escape" and "The Capture" parts 1 and 2)
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