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"What do you know about these termites we are morphing?"
"They're like ants."
"Actually, they're related to cockroaches. I looked them up in one of my mom's books. They have a society like ants, but roaches are closer relatives. They eat cellulose – the stuff in wood. Bacteria in their guts digest the wood. The worker termites... they, um, they eliminate their waste. And the soldier termites kind of eat it. I think, judging from the termite Tobias brought us, that we are going to be morphing soldier termites."
Ax, Marco and Cassie[src]

A termite is a colonial insect native to Earth. While similar in appearance to ants, they are much more closely related to cockroaches. A soldier termite morph was acquired and only used once by the Animorphs, with the exception of Jake, who acquired it but never morphed it, and Tobias, who was unable to morph at the time.


"Jake, termites are awfully close to being ants."
"They aren't as vicious. I looked up some information on the Internet. Besides, if we make sure we morph a termite from that very colony, we'd fit right in."
Jake and Cassie[src]



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