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Temrash 114
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Kandrona starvation

"I am Temrash one-one-four, formerly Temrash two-five-two, of the Sulp Niar pool. I have been promoted. No doubt you are happy for me."
―Temrash 114 to Jake[src]

Temrash 114 (formerly Temrash 252) was the Yeerk who originally infested Tom, but later was promoted to the position of infesting the state governor. However, the Animorphs attacked the facility where the infestation was to take place, setting the pool to boil, and Temrash ended up infesting Jake by mistake when Jake was knocked into the pool during the subsequent fight.

Temrash quickly learned the exceptional value of his host and the secrets he had uncovered about the 'Andalite bandits'. Despite his confident plans to betray the Animorphs to the Yeerks at the first opportunity, Temrash's natural hatred of Andalites caused him to slip up when first confronted with Ax, making a brief but noticeable sneer that helped Ax realize the reason for Jake's earlier immobility after being retrieved from the pool was the Yeerk adapting to his new host. Although Temrash tried to convince them that he was still Jake, once Ax introduced the idea of Jake having become a Controller they were on the alert, Temrash's repeated attempts to convince them that their plan to have Ax pose as Jake to conceal his absence wouldn't work going against what Jake would do to help his friends in that situation (As well as him calling Ax 'Andalite filth' as Ax acquired him/Jake and then trying to claim that he had simply been stressed).

While the Animorphs kept him locked up in an abandoned cabin in the woods, Temrash attempted to escape by using Jake's morphing power, but his lack of knowledge of the woods or any suitable nighttime morphs caused the Animorphs to quickly capture him, and his attempt to fly away in the daylight was averted when Tobias threatened to poke his eyes out once he achieved his falcon morph. Despite his best efforts, Temrash finally suffered the Fugue and was starved out of Jake. His death allowed Jake insight on the life of Yeerks, and a glimpse of Crayak.

Alternate Timeline

"You can run, but you can't hide. We'll take you. We'll take you all!"
"Where's that baseball bat?"
"The soft invasion is over. The real war is about to begin. We'll have you all! You're our meat! You're our
―Temrash 114 and Rachel[src]

In an alternate timeline, Temrash 114 infests Tom and keeps Tom as his host until the timeline dissolves. Using Tom as his host, he convinces Jake to accompany him to a few meetings of the Sharing. However, Jake declines the opportunity to become a "full member".


  • Temrash was "promoted" from 252 to 114, but in later books this is contradicted, and a Yeerk's number is determined by the order in which it was born.