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"Taxxons are huge, long worms. Like Earth centipedes, only much larger. Taxxons live in a state of eternal hunger. Desperate hunger. They will eat anything – dead or alive. Even their own fallen or injured brothers."

The Taxxons were a race of carnivorous beings who joined the Yeerk Empire of their own volition. The race became technically extinct when the remaining Taxxons chose to live out the remainder of their lives in the Amazon Rainforest trapped in snake morphs.


"Taxxons are like big, nasty caterpillars or centipedes. As big around as an old oak tree. They walk on rows of needle legs, carrying the upper third of their bulk erect. They have a ring of red jelly eyes and a lamprey mouth. And they are hungry as shrews: always hungry. Always. It's a madness, a raging, insatiable need."

Taxxon licensee illustration used in a variety of merchandise

The Taxxons are a race of large insectoids resembling a massive centipede. The most prominent feature of their face is the large mouth with razor sharp serrated teeth directly in the center. Situated around sides of the mouth are four red jellylike eyes. Eight to ten feet long, they are closer to the height of a human when standing erect due to the lower portion needed for balance. They also have twelve upper appendages that end in lobsterlike pincers and twenty lower appendages. These arms are very good for operating controls, so the expected occupants of a single Bug fighter are one Hork-Bajir and one Taxxon. Although they are slightly slower than humans on land, they are very fast swimmers, able to keep up with bottle-nosed dolphins easily.[1]

The Taxxons possess an unceasing and irresistible instinct to constantly consume sustenance, especially meat. They will engage in feeding frenzies should they sense raw flesh or blood. They have no apparent qualms with cannibalizing their own kind, and if they are wounded they may even eat their own damaged flesh; one book featured a scene where Ax cut a Taxxon in half and it began to eat its severed half. Neither a Yeerk in control of a Taxxon body nor a human or Andalite in Taxxon morph can fully control this instinct. It was revealed that the Taxxons' overwhelming hunger is driven by their constant, overwhelming fear of starvation.


On their homeworld, the Taxxons lived in sentient bumblebee structures or ant colony obeying the The Living Hive. As far as is known, they possessed little or no technology before the Yeerks arrived on their planet.

Andalite-Yeerk War[]

"The Yeerks had bought them off and made them allies by the simple expedient of promising to feed them. Some Taxxons carried the Yeerk slug in their feverish brains, but many did not. The Yeerks hated them as host bodies, hated living with the hunger that not even a Yeerk could control."

When the Yeerk Empire first discovered the Taxxon homeworld, the Yeerks decided, rather than conquering the planet, to make the Taxxons a simple deal: in exchange for the Taxxons agreeing to become Controllers, the Taxxons would get an endless supply of new, exotic meats. Nearly all the Taxxons readily agreed. The Yeerks did not sway from the bargain, and they began using Taxxons to dispose of criminals.[2]

Taxxon Trackers[]

"Taxxon trackers can sense warm flesh from miles away, as long as they have a sample. They're a special breed of Taxxon."

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Mountain Taxxons[]

Arbron's army of Taxxons

"Mountain Taxxons? Rebels? I was so surprised I temporarily forgot to be terrified. There were still Taxxons resisting the Yeerks? This would be huge news to my people. We'd assumed all the Taxxons had accepted Yeerk rule in exchange for promises of fresh, unusual meats."

There are a group of Taxxons called Mountain Taxxons which fought the Yeerk Empire; the leader of this group is an Andalite Nothlit named Arbron who got trapped in Taxxon morph in a secret mission.[3] Arbron and his Taxxons met the Animorphs and created a diversion which aided the Animorphs in ending the Yeerk invasion of Earth. However, many Taxxons were killed during the battle.[4]

After the battle, all the surviving Taxxons are given the ability to permanently morph into anacondas and other "way too big" snakes so that they can have a form similar to their own, yet be free of the never-ending hunger. Arbron lived in South America among these nothlit-Taxxon-snakes for a time, but he was later killed by human poachers.[5] The fate of the rest of their race is unknown, but are surely no longer slaves of the Yeerks.


"I concentrated on the acquisition. Usually, you don't feel anything about an animal while you acquire it. This time, I sensed something. Fierce and elemental, like a scream of rage. I finished acquiring the Taxxon's DNA. And realized there was something inside me unlike anything I had ever known. Maybe it was just my own tormented mind at work. Or maybe it really was the DNA, screaming at me on some microscopic level."

A Taxxon morph was acquired by Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, Arbron and Alloran-Semitur-Corrass in The Andalite Chronicles, aboard a Yeerk ship. Two decades later, a Taxxon was acquired by Elfangor's son Tobias and his brother Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill in The Test.


Trip to the Taxxon homeworld[]

"I had only one way to go. I would have to resume the Taxxon morph I had acquired. The Taxxon DNA was still a part of me. It always would be."

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Yeerk Pool Pipeline[]

"I have a morph that will leave behind a tunnel at least as large in circumference as the pipe itself."
"What morph?"
"Taxxon, my Andalite friend. Taxxon!"
Taylor and Tobias[src]

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Pool Ship Deception[]

"Tobias in Taxxon morph gorged on an illusion. The Cassie hologram was a horror film directed by Erek. Bit by bit he replaced illusions of Cassie with illusions of empty space. Until, gory bit by gory bit, she was gone, consumed by the Taxxon who kept at it until not even a bloodstain was left on the ship's deck. It would never have fooled a true Taxxon — even Chee holograms and force fields cannot project taste. But Tobias acted his part to perfection and the two Yeerks, Visser One and Tom, bought the performance entirely."

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