"I turned my stalk eyes toward the Yeerk pool. The Yeerks called it Sulp Niar. It looked like molten lead."

The Sulp Niar pool is a pool on the Yeerk homeworld. It is the birthplace of several Yeerks, including Edriss 562, Essam 293, Iniss 226, Temrash 114, and Efflit 1318.


  • In the original 1997 release of The Capture, it was spelled as the "Sulp Niar" pool. However in the 2012 re-release of The Capture it was changed to the "Sulp Niaar" pool, adding an extra 'a'. Interestingly, in the original 1996 edition of The Visitor (the second book in the series), it is spelled as "Sulp Niaar".
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