"A sub-visser is like a colonel. Very powerful, especially if he has a low number like seven. But not a visser yet."

Sub-Visser is a rank in the Yeerk military hierarchy, roughly equvalent to a human colonel. As the name suggests, Sub-Vissers rank below all Vissers, but above any unranked Yeerks. Like the Visser hierarchy, each Sub-Visser is numbered, with lower numbered Sub-Vissers outranking higher ones.

After reaching a position higher than that of Sub-Visser One, the Yeerk officer may then achieve a Visser rank. As with Vissers, it is possible for a Yeerk to skip positions in the hierarchy; for example, a Yeerk with the rank of Sub-Visser Ten may be promoted directly to Sub-Visser Five, or even to a Visser rank, as was the case when Esplin 9466 was promoted from Sub-Visser Seven to Visser Thirty-two.[1]

List of Sub-VissersEdit

Unnamed Sub-VissersEdit

These Sub-Vissers are known only by their rank.

Possible Sub-VissersEdit

  • Iniss 226 - not directly stated to be one, but given his responsibilities and oversight, it is likely that he was at least a Sub-Visser, if not a low-ranking Visser.


  • Unlike Yeerk name designations, Visser and Sub-Visser ranks are always shown as words rather than numerals - so Esplin 9466's most well-known rank is always "Visser Three", and never "Visser 3". In the case of ranks with more than one digit, only the first digit is capitalised, so Taylor is "Sub-Visser Fifty-one", and never "Sub-Visser Fifty-One".
Sub-Vissers in the Yeerk Empire
Sub-Visser Seven Sub-Visser Seven
Sub-Visser Twelve Sub-Visser Twelve
Sub-Visser Thirteen Sub-Visser Thirteen
Sub-Visser Fourteen Sub-Visser Fourteen
Sub-Visser Fifteen Sub-Visser Fifteen
Sub-Visser Sixteen Sub-Visser Sixteen
Sub-Visser Seventeen Sub-Visser Seventeen
Sub-Visser Nineteen Sub-Visser Nineteen
Sub-Visser Fifty-one Sub-Visser Fifty-one
Sub-Visser Seventy-four Sub-Visser Seventy-four
Sub-Visser Ninety-two Sub-Visser Ninety-two
Sub-Visser Four-hundred-nine Sub-Visser Four-hundred-nine


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