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"He was a good guy, my dad. Not just because he was my dad. Because he was a good person. Because he did his work as well as he knew how and wasn't a jerk to the people around him. That doesn't make you a saint or anything, but I guess when I think about it, that's what I hope I'll do when I'm older: treat my family right, do my job well, not be a jerk to the people I meet."

Dr. Steve Berenson is the father of Tom and Jake, the husband of Jean, brother of Dan and uncle to Rachel.


Family and Career[]

Steve Berenson lived in California[1] and had a brother named Dan.[2][3]. The brothers were Jewish.[4] Steve became a pediatrician[3] and married a woman named Jean[5] who was a writer and with whom he had two sons, Tom and Jake.[6] The family lived in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs.[7]

One Monday night in 1997,[8] Steve came home after work and sat downt to enjoy a family dinner. When Jean asked Jake where he had been all afternoon and evening, to which Jake responded that he'd been hanging out with Marco, Steve told his wife that there was no point asking since Jake would always give the same response. Jake then asked his father what he had done at work that day, prompting Steve to wink and declare that he had just hung out, causing the family to laugh. Steve then listened as Tom declined to play basketball with Jake due to having other commitments and remarked that as a doctor he figured that Tom intended to spend time with a girl.[6]

Work Day[]

"My dad's never been my doctor. I go to one of his partners. You know, it'd be creepy otherwise. I'd always thought it was pretty cool that he was a doctor. But I guess I hadn't really thought much about it. On this day, though, there wasn't much else to focus on. So I focused on my dad. Always nice. Always gentle. Joking with the kids and reassuring the moms and dads. Staying calm while the littler kids screamed bloody murder and vibrated the very walls."

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"Jake's parents, Jean and Steve, didn't make it out in time. Their chances of escape were slim from the beginning. See, Jake's older brother, Tom, has been a human-Controller since the early days of the invasion. Even with the enemy under his own roof, Jake had managed to protect his parents from the Yeerks. And from their own son, their own first child. Because Tom wouldn't have hesitated to kill either one of his parents if the Yeerk mission required their deaths. Jake had done an almost superhuman job of protecting his parents. Both from death and a fate worse than death. Infestation. Until the last time. When the Yeerks finally took them."

After the Yeerks discovered that Animorphs were mostly humans and not all Andalite bandits, and managed to discover their identities as well, the Animorphs had to evacuate their families. While the Animorphs were collecting Cassie's and Rachel's families to relocated to the Hork-Bajir valley, the Yeerks captured and infested Jake's parents.[9]


Following the end of the Andalite-Human-Yeerk War, Steve and Jean were freed from Yeerk control. Jake moved back home with them, although by 2003 he had moved out.[1]



  • In the TV series, Steve is named Greg.
  • Steve is also called Greg in earlier promotional items, such as the Animorphs Alliance handbook, and Jake's Animorphs ID card.
  • Jake's father is mentioned many times in the series, but he is not named until The Ultimate.
  • In Elfangor's Secret, Rachel mentions that her father Dan is Jewish, and in The Conspiracy, it is mentioned that Rachel's father and Jake's father are brothers, therefore making Steve Jewish as well.



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