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Cassie morphed as squirrel dodging a fox The Message Japanese illustration

Cassie in squirrel morph.

"Our morphs were like the squirrels scampering around your backyard right now. Gray, brown, and white fur. Long, twitchy bushy tail. Big, twitchy dark brown eyes. More energy than a hyperactive kid after a dozen cups of coffee. Between the five of us we were jerking our heads, looking in every possible direction, about nine times a second."

A squirrel is a rodent native to Earth, acquired and morphed by Cassie, Jake, Rachel, Marco and Ax.


"The four of us had acquired squirrel morphs. Cassie already had one."
Cassie acquired Magilla, a squirrel who was a patient at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, in The Message. Jake, Rachel, Marco and Ax acquire squirrel morphs in The Proposal.


"Cassie? Why are you out here at midnight turning into a squirrel?"
"Well, we've had some birds taken in the last couple of days. We figured it was a badger or a raccoon or a fox, but we couldn't figure out how he was getting in. So I decided to morph and wait to see when he showed up."
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