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Squirrel GN3

A wild squirrel

"Our morphs were like the squirrels scampering around your backyard right now. Gray, brown, and white fur. Long, twitchy bushy tail. Big, twitchy dark brown eyes. More energy than a hyperactive kid after a dozen cups of coffee. Between the five of us we were jerking our heads, looking in every possible direction, about nine times a second."

A squirrel is a rodent native to Earth and was acquired by Cassie, Jake, Rachel, Marco and Ax.


"The four of us had acquired squirrel morphs. Cassie already had one."

In The Message, set in 1997,[1] Cassie acquired Magilla, a gray squirrel who was a patient at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic.[2] Two years later in 1999,[3] Jake, Rachel, Marco and Ax acquired squirrel morphs in The Proposal.[4]


"I had morphed the squirrel before, of course. I knew what to expect. The body was wonderful. The senses keen and sharp. But the mind lived in a state of perpetual terror, always looking for predators. The only other emotion was hunger. But I could control the squirrel's fear... if I could control my own."

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