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"Here's the thing about skunks: They are the sweetest animals alive. They don't have a mean bone in their bodies. But that's because they don't have to be mean. They possess the ultimate weapon."

A skunk is an Earth creature that was acquired and morphed by the Animorphs in The Secret.


"I stayed behind. I went back to the skunk in her cage. I opened the cage door and put my hand in. I was not wearing a glove. See, you can't acquire DNA if you're wearing gloves."

A mother skunk, who had been burned by a Dracon beam, was acquired by Cassie, Ax, Jake, Rachel and Marco in The Secret.


"Jake? Um... my dad will have the skunk mother ready to be returned here in a day or so. I'm not going to just abandon these kits."
"You can't stay in morph that long, and you know it."
"I know. But I have to make sure no predators come around. I have to get them food. And I have to morph at least some of the time, so they can imprint on their mother here in the wild. Look... I know it seems stupid to you and Marco and probably everyone. But I have to do this."
Cassie and Jake[src]

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