Andalite chronicles flipbook skrit na saucer

A Skrit Na Saucer

"The Skrit Na ship was round, with tapered sides. It looked like a fat disc. You could hardly even see where the engines were, and the Skrit Na had blinking colored lights all around it. I guess they find that attractive or something."

Skrit Na Saucers, also known as Skrit Na Ships or Skrit Na freighters are the standard ships of the Skrit Na. These saucers look just like typical UFOs. They're often encountered by races that lack the ability to travel into space, or go any farther than, say, their moon. Skrit Na Saucers are slow in space compared to Andalite fighters, Bug fighters or Ongachic Ships. However, Skrit Na Saucers are well armed and are capable at traveling at high speed in the atmosphere of a planet, being built to withstand friction for a limited amount of time. This feature is shown when Elfangor and Arbon steal a Skrit Na Saucer and are chased by Bug Fighters. After being chased for a few minutes, some of the Bug Fighters explode, not being able to handle the friction. This feature was added so Skrit Na Saucers could quickly exit the planet's atmosphere without burning up, usually because they stole natives, valuables or both, which often got them in trouble with the natives' military.


Andalite chronoicles beginning of flipbook skrit na saucer and andalite fighter

A Skrit Na Saucer and an Andalite fighter circle each other in part of the flipbook animation in The Andalite Chronicles.

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