Jake morphing into a Siberian Tiger

"And then there was Jake. Huge, curved claws grew from his fingers. A snake-like tail whipped out behind him. Orange and black fur covered him. And when he was done he was a full grown tiger. Almost ten feet from his nose to his tail. Easily four hundred pounds. If something deadly can ever be beautiful, it's a tiger."

The Siberian Tiger is Jake's main battle morph.  


Jake and Marco look on to the tiger inside its habitat at The Gardens.

"I have an idea. The morphing. If I acquire him, it'll put him in a trance."
"Acquire? Acquire what? You can't acquire anything about him. He's the acquir
er, and you're the acquiree. He's going to acquire your butt for dinner! He's going to acquire you and spit out the bones."
Jake and Marco[src]

Jake acquired this morph in the The Invasion. He and the other Animorphs went to The Gardens to acquire battle morphs. Cassie leads them to the area behind the exhibits, justifying her presence by mentioning that her parents work there. During the trip the team got chased by a security guard and the team split up, running in different directions. Jake and Marco ran into the tiger's habitat. To stop the big tiger from eating them, Jake acquired the beast. This tamed the tiger, allowing them to escape. From the trip, Rachel got her African Elephant morph and Marco got his Silverback Gorilla morph.


Jake in tiger morph fighting a Howler.

"By the time they were gone, I was in tiger morph. The rhino was great for busting things down. But I wanted eyes and ears and reflexes to go along with my power. And nothing I'd ever morphed could do as much damage as the tiger."

The tiger is Jake's battle morph. It is also Jake's favorite and most used morph. The morph is frequently admired by Visser Three, who expressed an interest in acquiring it as well.


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