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Rachel morphed as a shrew

"That's not a mouse. That's a shrew. See the eyes? They're too small. And the tail is wrong. That's not a baby mouse, Tobias, it's a full-grown shrew."
Cassie to Tobias[src]

The shrew is a small mole-like mammal native to Earth that was acquired by Rachel.


"When you acquire, you have to think hard about the animal, focusing on it and blocking everything else out. Then the animal kind of goes limp, like it's in a trance. It takes just about a minute. It was easy to focus on the shrew, what with it squealing in terror and squirming to get out of my hand. But it was gross, definitely gross. I know there's nothing really wrong with shrews, but still. They freak me out a little."

In The Visitor, set in 1997,[1] Rachel acquired a full-grown shrew, believing it was a mouse. She acquired the shrew for the sole purpose of luring Fluffer McKitty out of a tree so that she could acquire him.[2]


"I concentrated once more on the shrew. The shrew was now a part of me. I don't know how it works, but it does. Somehow, thanks to the Andalite technology, the DNA of that shrew was stored away inside me. It was like having a map to guide me as I transformed. Not that I had a clue how I was able to do it."

Rachel morphed into the shrew immediately after acquiring it. Upon completing the morph, Rachel was completely gripped by the shrew's instincts, which included the shrew's immense feeling of fear being near predators as well as the urge to feast on some nearby maggots. Rachel managed to get sufficient control over the shrew body and was placed underneath the tree where Fluffer McKitty was. When Fluffer jumped down to pounce on the shrew, the Animorphs grabbed the cat and stuffed it into a cat carrier while Rachel immediately demorphed. Traumatized by the shrew's mind, Rachel declared that she would never use the morph again.[2]


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