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Shredder GN4

Ax wielding a Shredder

Shredders are handheld energy weapons used by the Andalites. The Yeerk Empire created a more brutal variant of these called Dracon beams.


Shredders have six different power settings. Level one delivers a mild, light charge, enough to stun an average creature for a few seconds, while level six is powerful enough to blast a hole through ten feet of solid alloy. Level three is not deadly to most creatures, but is powerful enough to knock them unconscious for several hours.

The shredders equipped on the Andalite dome ships are far more powerful than any hand model. Ax has stated that the energy and heat released from a single full-powered blast are so great that if aimed at a planet it could set the entire atmosphere ablaze and render its surface little more than a charred crisp.

Ax used a Shredder to knock the Animorphs out.[1]


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