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Animorphs escape book 15 inside cover

Marco in hammerhead shark morph

"Sharks had been swimming Earth's oceans for hundreds of millions of years already when the ancestors of Homo sapiens were still trying to figure out how to peel a banana. [...] Utterly without fear. Utterly without emotion. A mind with no room for anything else but killing. [...] A restless, ever-moving thing, ever questing after blood. A mind as cold, as sharp, as deadly as a polished-steel knife blade."

The shark is an aquatic predator native to Earth that has been acquired by the Animorphs for deep sea missions. They were also briefly controlled by the Yeerks in order to launch a takeover of the Leeran homeworld.


"We had rescued Ax from the submerged Dome of the wrecked Dome ship. He'd been down there for a while, so he'd acquired a morph that seemed useful to him. The morph of a shark."

In The Message, as well as in the alternate timeline in Back to Before, Ax, stuck in the GalaxyTree Dome ship under the ocean, stunned a tiger shark in order to acquire its DNA, in the event that no one came to rescue him and he would have to escape himself. Some time later, needing hammerhead shark morphs in order to infiltrate the underwater Yeerk base at Royan Island, the Animorphs head to Ocean World, where a fourteen foot long hammerhead resided. Marco jumps on top of it to acquire it, and takes advantage of the acquisition trance so that the other five – Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie and Ax – could acquire it as well.[1]


Tiger Shark[]

"Ax has a shark morph from when we first rescued him. That will do as well as dolphin."

Ax used his tiger shark morph in order to escape from his Dome ship in The Message and in Back to Before, and later used the morph in The Reaction and in the beginning of The Escape for ocean-based missions as he did not possess a dolphin morph at the time unlike the other Animorphs.

Hammerhead Shark[]

Royan Island Mission[]

"We have to think about going hammerhead. Those guard sharks went after dolphins and Ax's tiger shark. My guess is they go after anything that isn't a hammerhead."

The Animorphs primarily used the hammerhead shark morph in The Escape in order to blend in with the other hammerhead shark-Controllers that the Yeerk Empire were using in the waters surrounding Royan Island.[1]

Leeran Homeworld[]

"Dolphin morph! Ax, you'll have to morph your tiger shark."
"Wait, no! We don't know what's in this ocean, but the Yeerks thought hammerhead sharks would be the baddest things around, right? That's why they wanted to create shark-Controllers to fight in this ocean. We should all go shark."
Jake and Cassie[src]

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General Use[]

"Not the dolphin. Nothing that breathes air. Not in a cave. I think we need the hammerheads. Their electromagnetic capabilities might prove useful in an underground environment."
Cassie to the other Animorphs[src]

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"There's only one reason to alter the physiology of these brains. To make it possible for the Yeerks to enter them. The natural shark brain is too small, too simplistic for the Yeerks to control. They are mutating the sharks to make them capable of being made into Controllers. They will need to add ear canals as well. So that the Yeerks can enter and leave the brain."
"A new version of Hork-Bajir. That's it! The Yeerks want water-going Hork-Bajir. They need dangerous, tough, deadly shock-troops that can go where Hork-Bajir can't: in the water. What better soldier than a shark-Controller, if you need troops in an underwater environment?"
Ax and Marco[src]

The Yeerk Empire, unable to initiate a stealthy invasion of the planet Leera, due to the psychic nature of the Leerans, opted to use control chips to mutate hammerhead sharks and make them into Controllers. Using the waters near Royan Island, the sharks being altered and trained to obey the Yeerks, at which point they would be transferred to Leera in order to become the Empire's new water-based warriors.[1]


Known Morphers[]

  • Ax (tiger shark, hammerhead shark)
  • Marco (hammerhead shark)
  • Jake (hammerhead shark)
  • Rachel (hammerhead shark)
  • Tobias (hammerhead shark)
  • Cassie (hammerhead shark)


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