Biographical information
Gender Male
Born 1980
Occupation U.S. Army Ranger
Affiliation United States Army Rangers
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Beginning
Last appearance The Beginning
"Santorelli, you're the best B.S. artist aside from Marco. So you're the captain."

Sergeant Santorelli is a U.S. Army Ranger and a student in Jake's morphing classes.


"I'd put it to the class that I needed volunteers for a mission that would very likely prove suicidal, that was illegal, that would involve their disappearing without a trace, without the approval of their governments, without notice to their families. They wouldn't be paid, promoted, or well-treated. I would be in charge and they would be low men or women on the totem pole. All but three volunteered. It was a measure of my fame, I guess. It made me feel a little bad, like I was taking advantage of them. I decided to take two of them, Sergeant Santorelli, a U.S. Army Ranger who was five years older than me, and a French Deuxieme Bureau trainee named Jeanne Gerard. I chose them both on the strength of their lack of any close family. I could have had more, but I felt six people was the right number. It had worked before."

Santorelli and Jeanne Gerard were both recruited and tasked with the mission to save Ax somewhere in Kelbrid space. Both were chosen by Jake for their strength and lack of any close family.

Along with Jake, Marco, Tobias, Menderash and Santorelli, she helped steal the Yeerk prototype ship, christened The Rachel, and sent off for Kelbrid space.