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"What should we call this place? We can't keep calling it Sector Five, RG-Two-One-Five-Seven-Eight-Four."
"We follow the usual practice of naming a planet after its sentient species."
"I've forgotten. What are these more-or-less sentient creatures?"
"They are called Hork-Bajir. This is the home world of the Hork-Bajir."
Aldrea, her mother and Seerow[src]

The Hork-Bajir homeworld (officially designated as as Sector Five, Red-Giant-Two-One-Five-Seven-Eight-Four), was the planet inhabited by the Arn, the Hork-Bajir, and the monsters in Father Deep.


"Millions of years earlier, a massive asteroid had hit the planet's northern pole. The impact had shattered the crust, especially around the equator. It had opened massive valleys that cut deep, deep into the planet's surface. Valleys with steep, rugged walls. The valleys were as much as fifty miles deep and held onto a rich nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. The walls of the valleys were green. The floors of the valleys were a poisonous, eerie blue."


Asteroid Strike

"On the screen we saw the asteroid suddenly plow straight into the planet. The impact was shocking. The entire planet shuddered. Pieces of it went flying off into space. A vast cloud of dust and smoke enveloped the planet, slowly settling over the course of years. When the dust and smoke cleared, the planet was very much changed. Huge cracks had formed from the impact of the asteroid. Huge cracks that formed a belt of valleys around the planet."

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Creating the Hork-Bajir

"We returned to our home world to find everyone dead. Our entire species. The air was unbreathable, except in the valleys. But even there, the balance was precarious. A hair too much carbon dioxide, a shade too little nitrogen, and even the impact valleys would die. [...] You see, intelligence was not necessary for tree-herders. The Hork-Bajir, as we called them, were intellectually inferior. We felt it was best if they lived in ignorance of us."
Quatzhinnikon to Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan[src]

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Andalite Expedition

"We are here to make contact with the population and make sure that the Yeerks are not moving against these people."

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Yeerk Takeover

"There are seventeen Yeerk ground bases spread through fourteen valleys. There are three known mining camps where the Yeerks are busy extracting iron, bauxite, nickel, tin, copper, and uranium, as well as various gemstones I'm told are useful for focusing shredders. The largest construction area is two valleys west of here. It is well-camouflaged, having been dug back into the slope of the valley."
Dak Hamee to Alloran-Semitur-Corrass[src]

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Visited by the Animorphs

"We skimmed the barrens and then, suddenly, dropped into the valley. Dak's valley. My valley. I looked and was suddenly glad that Cassie had control of my body. If she didn't, I may not have been able to remain standing. The trees! The trees! So many gone. The valley walls had been scarred, stripped. The Yeerks had cut deep gashes into the valleys to make level spaces. [...] But then, she looked again. And I looked, too. Because even now, scarred and blasted, raped and despoiled, it was my home."

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