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Seagulls (Edited GN4)

The Animorphs in seagull morph

"I had become the bird that is never endangered. The bird that lives on all seven of the seven continents. The bird that seems to thrive in every environment. I was the mighty seagull. Eater of fish, french fries, melted candy, eggs, Burger King Whoppers, popcorn, beef jerky, pickle slices, maraschino cherries, cheese puffs, burritos, and basically any other food that has ever been invented. King of scavengers! Lord of the trash!"

A seagull is an avian scavenger species native to Earth. It is one of the few morphs acquired and used by all seven Animorphs.


"Fortunately, one thing we always have plenty of in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic (also known as my barn) is seagulls. We acquired the seagull DNA. Then the four of us, with Tobias watching from the high rafters, morphed into the new bodies."

Jake, Rachel, Cassie and Marco acquired seagulls in The Message, which were kept as patients at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic.[1] In The Escape, Ax acquired one of the seagulls at the Clinic as well.[2] In The Threat, Tobias was asked to grab a seagull from mid-air so that David could acquire it; as he also did not possess a seagull morph, Tobias acquired it before handing it over to Cassie, who comforted the seagull while David acquired it.[3]


"If you want to fly high and far, take on a bird-of-prey morph. But if you want to be able to go anywhere, without anyone really noticing, be a seagull. Seagulls and pigeons can appear anywhere and do anything without anyone getting upset. But if you show up as a bald eagle, people are going to notice. "

The seagull morph was used numerous times by the Animorphs in order to travel and/or perform aerial reconnaissance as a group, since their raptor morphs would attract attention if they were to fly together. The morph was also frequently used to fly near or above water, and thus was used for beach and ocean missions. While all seven members of the Animorphs have used the seagull morph, David only used it once while Tobias used it sporadically, electing to remain in his red-tailed hawk form.


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