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"The Sea Blade is a new type of vessel. It can travel in the air and in the water. Most spacecraft can travel under water for a short distance, and with limited effect. But in order for the Yeerks to travel to Earth's deepest oceans they would need something radically different. It seems likely that both in the air, and in the water, this vessel will be able to cloak itself from normal human sensors."

The Sea Blade was a Yeerk vessel commanded by Esplin 9466 in an effort to locate the Pemalite ship. However, it was destroyed by the combined efforts of the Animorphs and the Nartec.


"Enormous! Two scimitar-shaped wings. A sleek body, built for speed. Not the elongated teardrop shape of a human sub. More like a Yeerk Blade ship, but with pustulelike pods extruding here and there around the hull. It was blacker than black. Like something carved out of anthracite. In the brief moments it was visible it seemed to drain the light from the sky. To absorb all color into its endless black depths."

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