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Animorphs was published in Scholastic School Market Editions, in addition to the regular Scholastic editions, for several of the numbered books, two of the Megamorphs books, and two of the chronicles books. For most books, the text "This edition is only available for distribution through the school market" on the back cover indicated that the book was a school market edition. This meant that these books could only be ordered through Scholastic Book Orders or similar avenues. The difference between these and the regular editions were the following:

  • In general (not just for Animorphs) school market editions are produced to be published more cheaply, so the books are missing any elements which make publishing more expensive. For Animorphs, elements missing can include die-cuts, raised text, flipbook morphs on the bottom right of the page, and shiny lettering for the Animorphs logo.
  • Most of the numbered scholastic edition books had an Animorphs Alliance cardboard insert in the middle of the book, advertising the reader to join this Animorphs fan club.
  • If a regular edition of a book, such as for example book 28 The Experiment, came with extras like bookmarks, the scholastic edition replaced those bookmarks with an Animorphs Alliance advertisement.
  • In the case of book 14 The Unknown, the school market edition included flipbook stickers, but the regular edition did not.
  • In the case of books 30 and 31, the school market editions were half the thickness of a regular book, and with no raised print or die-cuts on the cover.
  • In the case of Megamorphs #1 and Megamorphs #2 , the school market editions were released in two parts, where each book was about half the thickness of a regular-sized book. These covers also removed any raised print or die-cuts.
  • In the case of The Andalite Chronicles, the school market edition was released in three parts. This is why that book is the only one to have three total covers.
  • For VISSER, the school market edition was published in paperback, while the regular Scholastic edition was published in hardback.

Freebies and Advertisements[]

Numbered Books Back covers[]

Books 30 and 31 (half size books)[]

Megamorphs #1 and 2[]

The Andalite Chronicles and Visser Chronicles[]

International Scholastic School Market Editions[]

Scholastic school market editions of Animorphs in other languages were also produced. These, just like many of the American Scholastic School Market editions, were produced missing certain elements like raised text, die-cuts, inside covers, extra inserts, etc.

French Scholastic School Market Editions (published in Canada)[]

In France, the french language publisher was Folio Junior. In Canada, french editions of the books were published by Scholastic, and can be distinguished from the Folio Junior versions by the text "Les Editions Scholastic" on the left bottom corner of the cover. In addition, these books, unlike the Folio Junior books, do not have inside covers.