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Sara is the youngest sister of Rachel and Jordan and the youngest child of Naomi and Dan.


Family Life[]

Sara was born to Naomi, a lawyer, and Dan, a weatherman.[3] She lived in the suburbs of California[4] with her two older sisters named Rachel and Jordan. By the 1990s, her parents divorced, and Sara lived with her mother and sisters.[1] In 1997,[5] Sara sat in the family room of her house with Jordan and watched scary shows, with her mother remarking that Sara would be so scared that she would sleep with her that night.[1]

Andalite-Yeerk War[]

After the Yeerks discovered that Animorphs' identities, the Animorphs had to evacuate their families. Immediately after evacuating Cassie's parents, Naomi, Jordan and Sara were told about the war and relocated to the Hork-Bajir valley. Right before Rachel breaks the news of being an Animorphs to her mother, she gets Ax to distract the Sara and Jordan. They call Ax a "Pokey-Man" and request to train him while he is in Andalite form.[6]



  • Sara's name is misspelled as Sarah in some books.
  • Sara and Jordan are described as having their mother's brown hair and eyes. while Rachel inherited their father's blond hair and blue eyes.


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