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"We're going to the grocery store. We're going to the Safeway."
"Tobias, are you nuts? The grocery store? What, is there a sale on gourmet birdseed?"
"Funny, Marco. But it's not about birdseed. This grocery store seems to be having a sale on high-ranking Controllers."
Tobias and Marco[src]

Safeway, Inc. is an American supermarket chain that has locations in California. In 1997, a prototype Bug fighter crash landed in a Safeway.


"We have to get inside that Safeway. [...] We do a quick morph, we're in and out of that Safeway in ten minutes and back home again."
Jake to the other Animorphs[src]

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Alternate Timeline[]

"It's a Bug fighter. It's something new. An experimental Bug fighter. Faster, more weapons... a new, prototype Bug fighter."
"What's it doing here? In a Safeway?"
Cassie and Marco[src]

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